Mars In Pisces: Avoiding Self-Sabotage & Fighting With The Flow‏


mars-w-water-fuse-apr03Mars is stirring your desire to right wrongs, solve problems and set certain processes in motion. The idea you’re toying with seems almost too bold and audacious, but you intuitively know that a radical step must be taken. If you act on it decisively, it will transform your world into an unimaginably exciting and inspiring place.

Saturn, the ruler of material and practical matters, is at peak power, so you may be feeling boxed in and trapped by circumstances beyond your control. Resist the temptation to give in to despondency. There is always a way to escape any predicament.

I had a young client who was clearly going to get the girl. She was coming right to him, but he still had to push her, and for what?

zodiac-watch-coolIt baffles me when a person fights against a tide that’s helping them. Things are going their way, but they still challenge or flail against whatever force has created the momentum that is working for them.

Mars is in Pisces now. You may have to swim upstream, but before you do, ask yourself if it makes sense. Before you act (Mars), make sure you’re not getting exactly what you want, indirectly!

To disrupt things when they’re flowing your way, is akin to stuffing coins back into a slot machine that’s trying to pay you. Hey! I’m sorry, but that’s not smart!

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