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Best Ideas for First Dates on Valentine’s Day

first-dateFirst dates can be stressful enough, but what if your first date lands on Valentine’s Day?

You want to start things off right, without falling into the dreaded “uhms” and “sooos” and “anywayses.”

Here are some suggestions to lead you to romance and not awkward-pants.

Dating At 550 Metres – A CN Tower, Needle Tower, or Eiffel Tower experience is so much more than seeing the city from above. The view provides ample photo opportunities, as well as plenty of topics for conversation.

In Toronto,Canada, You can test each other’s courage on the Glass Floor, see a 3D film at the Maple Leaf Cinema, then relax with a warm beverage in the Horizons bistro. You could also go to the 360 revolving restaurant, but that’s better saved for your anniversary next year. A date to this historic Toronto landmark is bound to, ahem, elevate your relationship to new heights.

My Paint Gun Is Quick! – Paintball on Valentine’s Day?!? Sure, why not? Paintball arenas provide action/adventure thrills in a safe if paint-splattered environment and the exciting time you’ll have will be a source of conversation for the rest of the evening and beyond. Some popular Paintball arenas include Eastieboyz, Area 51, Paintball Planet, and Defcon Paintball. Fill Cupid’s bow with paint and fire away!

Break The Ice While Breaking In The Skates – How about a nice walk in the sunshine and warm air? You can… in about three months. Until then there is skating, one of the few outdoor activities that can be enjoyed even in -20 weather. As long as the pair of you are reasonably competent on a pair of blades, you can make that low temperature work for you. One of the best locations for a skate date is The Natrel Rink, which features DJ Skate Nights until February 23. Skate to your favourite dance tunes, then snuggle up at one of the outdoor fire pits for some much-needed warmth!

I’m In The Mood For Laughs – An outing to a comedy club gives you a chance to show your fun-loving side and laughing together is a great way to smooth over any first-date jitters. There are numerous comedy clubs in the city, including Yuk Yuks, Absolute Comedy and the Rivoli. Also, The Best of Second City just happens to be showing on February 14 at the Living Arts Centre Mississauga. You two could be quoting the funniest lines to each other for months to come.

A Night At The Movies – Going to the movies might seem like a lame idea for a first date, but it can be a great way to spend time together if you’re shy and not a big talker. A film has built-in socially appropriate quiet time and a distraction from your nerves. High-minded couples should investigate the non-Hollywood fare at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Outgoing daters will enjoy the 360 Screenings Valentine’s Day, where the performers act out scenes from a famous romantic movie while encouraging audience participation. Blind dates might benefit from the familiarity of a second-run movie at one of the rep cinemas, like The Revue, The Royal or the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. After the film, this date gives you the added bonus of instant conversation material!

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That – There are plenty of events going on in Toronto all the time, so take advantage of the ones happening this Valentine’s Day! Enthusiastic music lovers with diverse tastes can choose between a Tragically Hip concert at the Air Canada Centre or Paul Anka at the Sony Centre. Potential couples who enjoy talking about social and cultural issues will get a lot out of the Iroquoian production Medicine Bear, or Shakespeare’s Nigga, a play centering on two black Shakespearian characters.

If you’re someone who loves talking but needs a focus for conversation, the photography exhibit Uncharted Waters might fit your bill. All of these shows will offer something unexpected and different for a first date, which is a great way to show off your hidden depths and eclectic tastes.

A first date should be memorable, enjoyable and preferably free of pressure. Having it fall on Valentine’s Day makes it a challenge. Rise to the occasion with these slightly off the wall ideas, then go and have some fun!


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