Elsa P: January 31, 2013 – All Planets Direct! FOG!‏


elsa-PThis is a strange week!

All planets are direct now and will stay the way through February 17th. You can take this to mean you’re going to move forward now.

Some will crawl ahead reluctantly. Others will hurtle ahead, happily or maybe stupidly as the case may be. One way or other, it’s all systems GO this week…GO into the fog that is. I think this is quite funny in a cosmic joke way.

We won’t be moving backwards with all the planets in direction motion, but as the week passes, various planets ingress into Pisces where they run smack into Neptune. This akin to getting in your car, rarin’ to go and running right into a fog bank, or a flood with a mind of it’s own.

You can make yourself crazy with this, or you can keep a cool head. My advice is that you maintain your direction and move during moments of clarity, which will occur from time to time.

Faith is a strong play right now, but don’t erase (Neptune) your common sense (Mercury). There’s potential for deception with this, but in many cases a person is complicit by deceiving themselves.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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