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See Them

“In physical life it is very easy to become lost in one’s own thoughts and perceptions. Most of you have an awareness of how important connection to others may be. Some allow the distance they feel to become how the define themselves. Your culture calls them by many names.

glasses Most of them are not very flattering. We suggest expanding your vision to include those who may be withdrawing from connection. Often it begins in childhood by not being capable of interacting with others due to internal feelings of self deprecation. Unfortunately, these individuals lack the tools to step forward on their own. Given the isolation long enough, they create a universe in their psyche that is outside the cultural consciousness.

Attempt to reach out to those who would do so.  See Them!

Realize the loneliness that feeds the uncomfortable thoughts they may be having. It is the separation from soulful energy of themselves and others that ultimately leads them down a path of negativity.

In the eternal, all energy flows easily. In the linear, it can be difficult in the best of circumstances.

Alter your own energy to truly see all those who feel invisible.

  • Perhaps a path can be aligned.
  • Perhaps a connection can be formed.
  • Perhaps a participation can soothe their wounds.
  • Perhaps they can be led to those who help them cope.

Connection with others, even those who do not meet your external criteria, can change the world.

It is those who are not seen that simmer in isolation, acting out internally, until it explodes upon society.

It can be remedied.

See Them!”



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