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Genius is awaiting and you can unleash it. Millions of potential Nobel Peace Laureates, Heads of State, young Malalas, and Gandhis are making waves, but their voices are yet to be discovered. Give to World Pulse because unlocking women’s potential through the rapid power of technology will lift us all. Donate today and every dollar you give will be doubled.

She used to hide the scar on her throat with a scarf—-a painful reminder of surviving attempted infanticide as an unwanted girl born in Northern India. Now, after speaking out on World Pulse, Stella Paul has claimed her fourth international prize from the UN for best gender-sensitive reporting in her home country. Today she wears her scar with pride.

When you support World Pulse, you strengthen a digital communication platform that is boosting the confidence and visibility of tens of thousands of women like Stella who would not otherwise be heard and seen—-let alone believe in themselves.

You are an integral part of growing a swiftly rising network of women change makers—- and the world is taking notice.


Among many, you have helped fuel the rise of:

  • Cameroonian Chi Yvonne Leina who recently won an Amelia Earhart Women Have Wings award and used the funds to launch a campaign to end breast ironing which has resulted in over 10,000 women disavowing the practice.
  • Bahn Sahu, formerly a homeless widow in India, who was awarded the International Prize for Creativity in Rural Life.
  • Fungai Machirori, whose new website for Zimbabwean women writers, called Her Zimbabwe, was recognized by The Guardian as one of the top African news sites, and is now a regular contributor to its Africa Network.
  • And that’s only the beginning. After speaking out on World Pulse, women have gone on to secure civil society positions leading over one million people and reaching millions via TV and radio with their solutions for ending war, child marriage, and creating ecological sustainability.

One by one when they succeed, we succeed. As the tidal wave of their voices rise, the environment wins, girls get educated, peace prevails, and your support makes a difference.

So don’t hold back. Give to unlock the collective intelligence of women that will transform our world. Our time is now—-don’t just spray the leaves, water the roots!

  • $50 helps change a woman’s life forever by enabling her to connect to and safely access the online resources she needs to realize her vision and find her voice.
  • $250 helps a woman’s testimony reach the halls of power and delivers her message to an influential forum such as the UN or the U.S. Department of State.
  • $1,000 helps equip a woman to train 100 others in her community in digital media and empowered leadership.


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