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Some things are really not hard to see, it is just our own stubborn refusal to truly notice all the warning signs and the obvious hazards posted there as we swing open yet another wrong door.

When we listen – when we pay attention – when we heed our own inner voice of precaution.

When we observe the intentions of others through behavior and action instead of just focusing on the words which can prove empty, we then are able to see without our blinders what is really meant for our protection and our best.

‘Guard your heart’ for it is the wellspring of life.

That, in essence, means that whatever choices you make and whatever direction you are now headed must offer first a way to preserve and protect the soul and spirit which lives within you.

It is wonderful to imbibe in life with a free and fun spirit, sampling and tasting in great variety what is presented, but your ability to choose determines your own ability to reside peacefully and without damage to the inner essence of your own life.


Choose wisely. Learn to learn from each and every endeavor which doesn’t suit you or in fact has hurt you in part, for in that lesson availed you will find great wisdom and purposeful motivation to change the course you are now on!

  • Go forth with the most important goal of self-love, which then ensures self-protection and self-preservation!
  • Learn to accept each step as a means to an end through learning to do and to be better and wiser as you go!

Copyright © 2012 – Cheryl Ries. Cheryl Ries is a friend who is in the process of writing her first book.

This is a preview of things to come.

She likes to take a bite out of life’s big juicy apple… and believes that richness is measured in friendships, family, love and what you give away.
She says:

“My sincere hope in this, the next stage of life, is to open fully the floodgates, finding what God really intended for me to find, to understand my fullest measure of humanity, to grow and become the best version of me which is possible. I’ve a lot of room to grow, it’s certain! I’ve already been almost every woman I could be . . . the uncertain, insecure girl; the one in an unhappy stage; the woman secure and confident, awakened to her internal beauty; the one who hears the compliments for the external, whilst craving the internal satisfaction. I suppose each of us is on a journey of discovery, that which sometimes breaks us, shakes us and takes us forward on an unchartered course, but always I know God is my co-pilot! (Oh, and I’ve even tried my hand at being the pilot woman! That’s an adventure tale saved for a rainy day ahead though.”)

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“If your heart has been broken the best way to fix it is to allow time for healing, then open it up again and allow only Love, happiness and joy in. Open your ears to only what the heart needs to hear. In a full heart filled with Love there is room for everything!” ~ Larry James


Larry James is a professional speaker, author, relationship coach and an award winning nondenominational Wedding Officiant. He performs the most “Romantic” wedding ceremony you will find anywhere. Something NEW about relationships is posted every 4th day on this Relationships BLOG.


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