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Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhrasky has Taken Action to support the Women of our World and children through her global philanthropic work. Join us as we celebratethis powerhouse and the work she is doing for all the women of our world today. This woman is a XXI century princess who feels equally comfortable in jeans as in an elegant formal dress. She is a self-made, dynamic young woman who passionately defends the causes she believes in.

Join us as we celebrate the work she is doing for the Women of our World today.





H.S.H. Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky


Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky (1978 (age 34 years) ) Born as Karina de Kharissoff in Kiev, she is descended by heredity from the Abdank Polish noble family of Malchewsky and the Russian noble families of de Khanzhenkov and de Kharissoff on her father’s side and on his mother’s side from Mazur Hereditary Polish Noble family. She married H.S.H. Prince Dmitry Bagration-Moukhransky (* 1971), son of late H.S.H. Prince Georgy Bagration-Moukhransky and of his wife Ludmila Ajimolayev at Kiev, on 25 October 2003. She belongs to the Bagrationi family.



Karina Bagration-Moukhransky (maiden name: Kharissoff or Kharisova) was born on January 25, 1978 in Kiev, Ukraine. She is the only child of Lydia (née Grinenko), a professional teacher and Vladimir Kharisoff (an interpreter and consultant). Her family originated from Don Region (Russia), but moved to France, (Paris and Nice) upon revolution of 1917. After the Second World War, former White Émigrés were offered citizenship and invitation to return to the Motherland. While most of the ‘White Russian émigrés’ decided to stay abroad, there were some brave people, anxious to return to the post-war Russia in order to re-build it. Among the repatriates were Karina’s grandparents.

Upon arrival many of their traveling companions were executed on the spot or found themselves in GULAG. However, Karina’s family was lucky to be sent to Kiev by the Soviet authorities. It was only in 1990 that the French and Russian family branches united. Parts of Princess Karina’s family history served as a basis of East/West (French: Est-Ouest; Russian title: Восток-Запад), a 1999 French film in cooperation with Ukraine, Russia, Spain and Bulgaria, directed by Régis Wargnier and starring Sandrine Bonnaire, Oleg Menshikov, Sergei Bodrov Jr. and Catherine Deneuve. Family values are important to Princess Karina, whose own family life was happy and loving. She still enjoys excellent relationship with both of her parents. It was at their lap that she learned the first lessons of humanism and tolerance. Like her parents, she is willing to use her position to help to bring people together across cultures and age groups for a sustainable social change.

DescendanceKarina’s ancestors left a lasting legacy in Russian society and culture. Her paternal family belongs to Russian and Polish nobility from the Don Region (Russia) and Poland (Krakow). According to “Onomastikon” by prof. Veselovsky, her paternal side of the family has also ancient Persian roots. Her ancestors include: Alexander Hanzhonkov (the founder of Russian cinematography), Count Nikolay Raevsky (a Russian general and statesman who achieved fame for his feats of arms during the Napoleonic wars), Antoni Malczewski (famous Polish writer, bright representative of Polish romanitism) and Jacek Malczewski (Polish painter). On her mother’s side from Mazur Polish family as well as Poniatowsky, “on the other side of the blanket”.


Karina’s education began at the UNESCO School in Kiev. She also graduated from Angwin High School in California, USA and was educated privately in Paris, France. She was later enrolled at the National Taras Shevtchenko University of Ukraine. Currently she holds major degrees of BA, MBA in Translation, Interpreting, World Literature and Pedagogics, and PhD in Folkloristics. To discover more about the French language and culture she attended Nice Summer University. Later, she graduated twice with honors from a school organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and became qualified in Translation, Guide-Interpreting, Protocol and Etiquette. Karina is a native Russian and Ukrainian speaker and is fluent in both English and French. Princess Karina is a life-long learner. She also understands several other European languages.
Accomplishments in Science

Karina had made a name for herself in Humanities and Pedagogics. She had dreamt of learning more about Scotland ever since she read old Celtic legends at primary school. So, no wonder, her PhD was the first research done in Ukraine on the basis of “History-Fiction” used by W.Scott and R.Burns and their inter-relation with Ukrainian historical and cultural heritage. In short, Karina’s thesis deals with the problem of coexistence and the combination of Christian and Celtic mythology and history in works of Walter Scott and Robert Burns. Karina is the author of numerous scientific articles. She participates actively in various scientific events and projects both in her native country and abroad. A former sportswoman, Karina is also the author of a book titled “Olympic Games”. The book aims to ingrain the universal Olympic values while teaching foreign languages and culture.

After the completion of her university degree, Karina took a position at National Taras Shevtchenko University of Ukraine. Her career path continued with a position of a private networker and an international consultant for high net worth individuals. Her Highness travels extensively in Europe and, in particular, to her father’s homeland in France.
Love Story

Dimitry and Karina fell in love and married when they were quite young. Karina was introduced to H.S.H.Prince Dimitry Bagration-Moukhransky at a Gala event organized by Russian Nobility Assemblyin Kiev, Ukraine. The Prince and Karina began their love affair soon after. After almost a 2 year courtship, Prince Dimitry, on bended knee, presented the future princess with a diamond engagement ring. Their engagement, which took both Karina’s family and royal watchers by surprise, was officially revealed in June 2002.On 25 October 2003, on the occasion of her marriage to His Serene Highness Prince Dimitry Bagration-Moukhransky she became Her Serene Highness Princess Karina Bagration-Moukhransky.

Both the marriage ceremony and the wedding festivities took place in Kiev, Ukraine with the presence of Russian Nobility Assembly representatives and international aristocracy. Karina did not change her religious affiliation after the wedding.By the summer of 2009, rumors were circulating that her marriage to Prince Dimitry had gone sour. To the endless regret, the rumors proved to be true. Later, Their Serene Highnesses announced separation and eventual intention to divorce. Despite all, Karina managed to stand difficult times with dignity and currently supports numerous international initiatives, helping women to overcome the post-divorce syndrome and regain self-esteem.

“Lady Diana of the Eastern Europe”?

Dimity’s marital infidelities and intolerance expressed by some members of Bagrationi dynasty resulted in calling Karina “Lady Diana of the Eastern Europe” behind her back.

The cliché was later picked up by Csaladi Kor magazine (article by Dr. Tibor M. Celler, author of two books: “The Royal Families of the World-The Present Monarchies” (2002), “Ruling Dynasties with No Thrones” (2003) and various internet media.

PhilanthropyPrincess Karina is known for her charity work. Both during and after her marriage, she has been involved in numerous philanthropic pursuits. Karina’s current patronages range across areas of culture, the women and children protection, humanitarian aid, support for research and science, social and health patronages and sport.

Innocence in Danger Foundation(the promotion of children’s safety over the Internet and its use for educative and communicative purposes),• “La Strada”( International Women’s Right Centre),
• “Women’s International Coalition for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and Empowered Women”
• “Roses” Charitable Association (women empowerment support),
• “4MyPlanet” Project (Round the globe challenge to share information on the worsening condition of the global environment and to preserve world oceans),
• “Borisfen” Charitable league”( helps Ukrainian children afflicted with life-threatening illnesses or living in poverty, to have a better quality of life)
• “League of Ukrainian Mecentas”(human rights protection)
• “International Family Congress“
• “A Celebration of WomenTM Foundation, Inc.” (WORLD HUB~Wheel of Women Leaders that Care – women leaders providing education for future women leaders).H.S.H.Prince Karina Bagration-Moukhransky participated in several Monaco related projects.

Her Highness for the first time presented the Principality during the Francophone week (Semaine de la Francophonie 2007). In this respect she successfully organized the conference, exhibition and a lesson for schoolchildren willing to deepen their knowledge of cultural history and present life of Francophone countries, namely Monaco. The prominent place in her presentation was given to Special Olympics photos in a framework of Faces of Monaco Project. She has also addressed public and expert audiences at several international conferences. More recently she delivered an address to the XXII International Congress on the Family in Kiev, Ukraine alongside with Mr. Francis M. O’Donnell, former Resident Coordinator of the United Nations system in Ukraine.

Princess Carina Organization

Positive social change has always been important to Karina, and the value she places on human rights cannot be underestimated. This is one of the reasons that she decided to found the “Princess Carina Organization”, an independent initiative which inspires people with the power of multi-vector cooperation for a sustainable personal and community makeover, overcoming social injustice. “Princess Carina Organization” is the culmination of Karina’s charitable life so far. The idea is that it will be the main vehicle for her future philanthropic activities.

The Organization is represented by a strong board and experienced advisers who have both commercial and international non-governmental experience. The headquarters is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Since this year the organization also benefits from the High Patronage of Geneva Canton.

The website for the “Princess Carina Organization” has been launched.

Find out more about the Organization and who it helps at www.princesscarinaorganization.org

Promising ArtistKarina is also an artist. She came back from her last visit of south of France with a vast collection of photos which reflect her vision of the region.

Later she gave a watercolor touch to it. Karina participated in the American series of “Repo Show” by Edmund Druilhet (Dragon Lion Media) in Hollywood. She is currently the associate producer of “Goddess“, a documentary film and media project which aims at drawing attention to the modern role of a woman in society.

Karina Bagration is a XXI century princess who prefers public transportation and feels equally comfortable in jeans and an elegant formal dress. She is a self-made, dynamic young woman who passionately defends the causes she believes in.


She is more than even convinced by Niccolo Machiavelli’s thought that …

It is not titles that honor the person, but the person that honor titles“.




A Celebration of Women™

is honored to welcome this amazing woman into our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION.



Brava Karina!


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