Visionary, Dr. David Hawkins passes at 85

We just heard that Dr. David Hawkins – visionary and author of the breakthrough book
Power vs. Force died peacefully at home in Sedona, Arizona, on September 19, 2012, at the age of 85.

He was born on June 3, 1927, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; he had been a resident of Sedona since 1979.

David was an amazing man and his work helped people across the world. He pioneered a process of muscle testing together with a map of consciousness to help people discover the fundamental nature of emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and karmic dis-ease.

David R. Hawkins believes he has found a path to ultimate Truth. I think he is honest, but I do not feel his path will lead one to the stated goal. Using techniques derived from kinesiology, Doctor David Hawkins presents a method by which one can gauge truth (or consciousness): on a scale of 1 to 1000, where 1 is simply being alive and 1000 is an advanced state of enlightenment.

It did not take long to doubt Hawkins’ claim that “the truths reported in this book [Power Vs. Force] were scientifically derived and objectively organized.”

David Hawkins cloaks Power Vs. Force in a veneer of mis-applied scientific jargon and presents highly speculative theories as facts. It is hard to imagine that a person, who once wrote scientific papers, is now stating that subjects experienced “de-synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres” as if this were a recognized medical condition. He references Karl Pribram as having shown the brain acts “holographically,” while, in truth, Pribram’s is one of several theories.

Hawkins makes vague references to nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory, and attractor patterns in support of his theory of consciousness. He displays a knack for obscuring the obvious by attempting to appear scientific: labeling an emotional upset as “turbulence that occurs in the attractor fields of consciousness.”

7 years ago, his work became a vital part of our lives. We are grateful to Dr. Hawkins for his incredible contributions to the field of consciousness research.

We send blessings to his family as well as his many friends and students who experienced his work.

Dr David R Hawkins – A Key To Making Love Unconditional (Transcending The Consciousness Level)

Dr. David R Hawkins Book
Transcending The Levels of Consciousness/The Stairway To Enlightenment.

The Level I subject to here is The Level Only a few out of masses can reach as I understand. But there are always countless souls struggling to reach and trying to encounter that experiential reality, The Truth, The Enlightment.

My video clips are made in gratitude to Dr. David R Hawkins Books and the clear guidance to the pathway of The Truth and transcending one’s consciousness level. And also my desire to share his teaching with those souls wandering in their search. The fortunate ones!

David – you will be missed…

If you’d like to share your thoughts and prayers about how Dr. Hawkin’s work affected your life you can do so here.

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