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All there is, is relationships. Building a successful relationship is a never ending process. Work most on the first reality of your relationship – you. Your own personal growth contributes to the deepening and strengthening of the relationship you have with another. Spread love all over you! Love yourself first.

The second reality is your love partner. The relationship they have with themselves is only and always their responsibility. The third reality of a successful relationship is the ‘us’ of it. The joining of two whole people – complete in themselves – to do the work of a forever relationship is a worthy pursuit; one that is the most challenging and beautiful of all human experiences.

“Illustrate love whenever you can. This can be in the form of a silent blessing or a simple touch to show you care. You can just be present and truly listen to someone without the need to speak — this is an incredibly loving and somewhat overlooked gesture. When you do speak, let your words melt upon listening ears and drip with tender, loving gentleness.” ~ Daniela Saviuc

In healthy love relationships we neither lead nor follow. We walk hand in hand, side by side. We just spread love like butter. When it is appropriate, we can, without fear, let go for a while, always being nearby to love and to share.

Love is no tug-of-war. We trust and respect our love partner giving them the freedom to be who they are, always with our love and best wishes.

If you want a healthy love relationship with committed love, without limitations, expectations, restrictions or conditions, learning to trust one another is the first step. With trust, unconditional love is possible. With unconditional love, anything is possible.

God is love. With God, nothing is impossible!

Copyright © 2012 – Larry James. This idea is adapted from Larry’s books, “How to Really Love the One You’re With: Affirmative Guidelines for a Healthy Love Relationship,” “LoveNotes for Lovers: Words That Make Music for Two Hearts Dancing” and “Red Hot LoveNotes for Lovers.” Larry James is a professional speaker, author, relationship coach and an award winning nondenominational Wedding Officiant. He performs the most “Romantic” wedding ceremony you will find anywhere. Something NEW about relationships is posted every 4th day on this Relationships BLOG.

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