Healthy Addiction‏, Leela Francis says ‘ Let’s Get Personal …’

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Let’s get personal …

I want to know more about you and the way you relate to…..Power!

Is Power something you claim, something you externalize, something you shy away from, or something you judge in others?

When you feel powerful, is it like an exhilarating wave that you ride, a brief ripple that you watch rise and quickly fade, a dripping faucet that makes a regular but weak appearance, or a steady flowing river that infuses your life from the moment you wake until you rest your head at the end of the day?

As for me, dancing my power isn’t something I was taught how to do, it was something I was blessed to be forced to do by life circumstances.

Dance became a healthy addiction that inspired my power and now it’s a metaphor for all the many ways I affirm my sensual, emotional and intuitive aliveness that nourish every aspect of my life.

“I know I have power but some part of me is afraid to use it.”

Does this sound or feel familiar to you?

I find this is a common issue, but most of us are not nearly this conscious.

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Blessings and abundance on your path to dancing more of your juicy power,

Leela Francis

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