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Dear Friend of the Persecuted ,

Imagine yourself as a Christian living in an Islamic country during Ramadan

Before the sun rises you hear the call to prayer. As you prepare your morning breakfast you realize that you must eat a bit extra; sunset will come late this year and the day will be long and hot. As a Christian you do not need to fast during daylight hours, but if you choose to eat and drink you may be yelled at, spat at, or harassed by your Muslim neighbors. You sigh deeply as you think about what this sacrifice means.

So you choose to fast. But what about your children…must they too fast?

These are some of the realities that Christians living in Islamic-dominated countries face during Ramadan. This is the holiest time for a Muslim…and the most challenging for Christians.

What are the dates of Ramadan based on?
Why do they change?

The dates of Ramadan are established according to the Islamic lunar calendar which has
354 days. The months are divided into lunar months which have 29 to 30 days each. Each
day begins atsunset (not midnight). The fasting period normally begins and ends with the
sighting of the crescent moon which is different each year.

The Five Pillars of Islam – what are the five things a devout Muslim must do in their life?

• Recite the creed, “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet” (Shahada).
• Daily prayers(Salat) five times a day, atspecific times.
• Give to the poor (Zakat).
• Fast, especially during the holy month of Ramadan (Sawim).
• Make the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once in a lifetime (Hajj)

What basic information about Islam do I need to know?

• The word Islam simply means‘submission to the will of Allah’. Allah isthe
God of Islam.
• Islam is a monotheistic religion that arose in the 7th century under the
leadership of Mohammed.
• Mohammed is considered to be the ‘ideal man’, but is not considered divine.
• Members of Islam are called Muslims meaning ‘those who submit’.
• Islam involves both beliefs(‘The Five Doctrines of Islam’) and obligations
(‘The Five Pillars of Islam’).

Why is Ramadan important in the Islamic faith?

Ramadan celebrates the first revelationsthat Mohammad received. The purpose of the Ramadan season isto take Muslims away from their normal lifestyle and make them reexamine their life in the context of a higher ideal. For example, experiencing hunger makes you more aware of the poor; and going though real, but limited suffering, may prepare you
for tougher ordeals. The feeling of community is very strong during Ramadan.

So together, from July 20-Aug 18, let us pray for our brothers and sisters living among Muslim neighbors. Together in unity our prayers will strengthen, encourage, empower and comfort them. Then let us pray for Muslims worldwide to come to know the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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Standing and Praying Together,

Carl Moeller
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Feature Image, Ana Marija Jurisic, Los Angeles: Catholic Model from Los Angeles, posed to photographer Aleksandra Bogicevic, Serbian Christian Orthodox, to commemorate Muslims’ holy month Ramadan.

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