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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this Power of Example in both Motherhood and Womanhood.

Learning lessons from her personal family experiences, this lady has chosen to devote her life to helping others to heal,

grow past the impact past emotional traumas and develop areas of their lives from the inside out

….using Love, Compassion and Authenticity.






Chantal Boudreau



Chantal received her Associates of Arts from NECC with Magna Cum Laude/High Honors. She is a professionally trained and certified Isui Reiki Master-Teacher, a Certified Hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists, a skilled EFT practitioner, and a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming by the National Federation of NeuroLlinguistic Programming. She is registered as an Alternative Provider with the Board of Mental Health in the State of NH.



Chantal is also an accomplished Interfaith Minister.


In her own words:

I’m Chantal Boudreau, founder of Quantum Healing 4 U. Known as a Holistic Practitioner, Counselor and Intuitive Life Coach, I help my clients heal their past, take care of their unique nutritional needs and shift their life into a new direction physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My journey to the field of Mind-Body & Energy Medicine was a path of self-discovery as I uncovered the cause, effect and cure for my own health related problems and those of my children (ASD-ADD). As I was going through my own personal Growth & Development seminars and Leadership trainings, I realized the amplitude of the impact past emotional traumas and limited beliefs had on the physical being. From this point on, I decided to learn ways to support others in freeing themselves from similar limitations.

My purpose is to support people in creating the life they want with Love, Compassion and Authenticity. A life where the real YOU shines through and to create the joyful life that you came here to live. Today, I work with men, women and children from all ages who want to heal their bodies from the inside out.

I worked with an exclusive group of private clients who are ready to face their emotional traumas, emotional eating disorder, improve their self-confidence, achievement, communication and relationships, reduce their stress, pain, fears and anxiety, break free from their past and finally have the quality of life they desire.



She is a member of the National Association of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Tapping International, Self Growth, Friends of Kevin, DARE To Be Phenomenal, American Association of Integrative Medicine, International College of Integrative Medicine, and One More Referral.



Chantal lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two sons.

She enjoys outdoor sports, cooking, gardening, reading, drawing, traveling, dancing and music.

Chantal has been featured in media outlets such as The DivaToolbox.com, AOL Jobs.com, and the Step Mom’s Toolbox Radio Show. Additionally, Chantal hosts her own radio show on Blog Talk Radio, part of the Diva Toolbox Network entitled Quantum Healing 4 U.

For a complete list of programs and ways that Chantal can work with you excel in business or in life,

contact Chantal at Chantal@quantumhealing4u.com or call her at her NH location at: 603-303-3110.


Chantal Christine Boudreau Quick Facts

I am certified Master practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming – NLP & Hypnotherapist -EFT and Interfaith Minister doing Transformational Life Coaching & Mentoring using Mind-Body Medicine& Energy therapy since 2005. I am helping people achieve physical-emotional-mental-spiritual health by releasing childhood adversities, emotional traumas, blocks and limiting beliefs. I help you identify the root causes of problems not the symptoms!

The body like everything in the universe is composed of energy. Restore balance to the body’s energy, and you will mend the affect that negative beliefs, negative emotions and thoughts have manifested as physical symptoms that stem from energy disruption.

Dr Candace Pert has explained in popular lectures throughout the world how emotions exist both as energy and matter, in the vibrating receptors on every cell in the body.


FIND CHANTELLE: /http://www.quantumhealing4u.com


Be Well, Choose Well & Be Inspired – Opto ergo sum!

~ Chantal ~


Chantal Ch. Boudreau
NLP Life Coach – Hypnotherapist & Counselor
Mind-Body Medicine – Energy Therapy
Create the NEW Healthier Happier YOU Today!
Plaistow, NH 603-303-3110
North-Andover, MA 978-327-5960
Testimonials: Tapping International



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sends our admiration, blessings and respect to the work you are doing.



Brava Chantal!


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