On the Road! The 11th Council Gathering Goes Forward‏

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11th Council Gathering


July 26-29, 2012

Northern Cheyenne Reservation,

Lame Deer, Montana  

On the Road! The Gathering Goes Forward

Reservation Road 

Support for the Northern Cheyenne People and the Victims of the Fire
As many of you know, the fires in Montana have devastated thousands of acres and homes near where we will be holding the Council.  Be assured that the roads are open, the air quality is okay and the danger has passed.
Grandmother Margaret has chosen to move forward and bring the people together to hold the 11th Council as planned.
For those of you who would like to offer donations for the Northern Cheyenne People who have suffered losses from the fire, please send donations to the First Interstate Bank in Lame Deer. (406) 477-8911.
Tongue River

“Gratitude Brings Freedom”


This  is my gratitude to my spiritual ancestors for the expression of freedom  to come home. Gratitude is the most direct way to spiritual growth.
                         – Grandmother Margaret Behan

Grandmother Margareth

Honoring Grandmother Margaret Behan Red Spider Woman

Once again the whole Council will be convining for prayers, teachings, and alliance building.
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The Grandmothers  want everyone to be able to attend the Gathering. No one will be turned  away for lack of funds. Please donate to the Scholarship Fund so that  we can extend the Grandmothers’ hospitality to as many people as  possible. DONATE TO THE SCHOLARSHIP FUND

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Watersongline Prayers to Honor Our Mother Waters

An International Convergence of Prayers

August 7th, 2012

WaterSongline Lighting of the Lights Ceremony


Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky and Venus, the brightest planet will rise together with the sun. The ancients saw both Sirius and Venus as the Mother. In Egypt Sirius was viewed as the spiritual sun to the Earth and a powerful life giver. This powerful union of all three energies together represents resurrection and reunion. As well as, the perfect beautiful harmonizing of both the divine feminine and masculine principle. It is the perfect time to celebrate and pray in the love, union, balance and healing of all things. Including sending forth prayers that the perfect balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine once again awakens our earth. http://

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