‘ Why Women Should Rule The World ‘, William Bond

I would have thought after five thousand years of recorded history it should be very obvious that men do an extremely bad job in ruling our world. Our history has been a story of continuous warfare, genocide, poverty and injustice. Even today things and not any better. We seem to take it for granted there is an enormous gap between rich and poor, that is growing all the time. We accept the fact that a million children die every year from starvation, while trillions of dollars are spent on wars and weapons. This is because we still accept it as normal that countries will settle their differences through violence and warfare.

So, if men have shown themselves to be such terrible rulers of our world, why are we thinking about whether women could do a better job in ruling our world instead? After all, it has been men who have ruled our world throughout recorded history. So the obvious solution is for women to rule and see if they can do a better job.

Strangely, the opposition to this idea doesn’t only come from male chauvinists (which is what you would expect), but also from feminists. I have been told by feminists that if women ruled the world they would do just as bad a job as what men would do. They seem to think that in a matriarchal world, we would have female Hitlers and Stalins and vast armies of Amazon warriors trying to conquer the world. Like the armies of Napoleon, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great or have matriarchal governments who are indifferent to children living in poverty.

They claim that the ideal situation would be for men and women to live in equality. Though how they are going to stop ambitious men competing with women for power is never made clear. Men have tried to create equal societies through the French Revolution and later through communism and socialism and have failed completely. This is because men are very competitive and compete with each for wealth and power.

I have also been told that men and women are the same, which is an extraordinary idea. As it is obvious, that men and women are different physically, mentally and emotionally. The reason for this is because, women give birth to children and men don’t. Most women have a powerful desire to have children, to allow a child to grow inside them for nine months, go through the pain of childbirth and then devote her life to caring for her child, because women have powerful maternal instincts.

Unfortunately, chauvinistic men have used women’s maternal instincts against women, claiming that it makes women too emotional and ‘weak’. Unlike ‘strong’ male rulers who will wage war on other countries and be indifferent to the suffering of the poor.

If we want to live in a caring and loving world then we need to be ruled by caring and loving people. Patriarchal rulers have time and time again showed they are incapable of doing this, so if we want to have compassionate rulers we have to have matriarchal governments instead. Whenever I say this, people mention Margaret Thatcher. So I have to point out that a female leader of a patriarchal political party and government is not a matriarchy. A matriarchal government is a government where the majority of people in the government are women. It is an unfortunate fact that modern female politicians feel they have to suppress their maternal instincts to successfully compete with men for power.

So it means that women would be far more caring rulers of our world because they have far stronger maternal and nurturing instincts than what men do. This means that in terms of leadership of our world, then women’s maternal instincts are not a weakness but a strength.

People all over the world are fed up with patriarchal governments, because they don’t like wars, injustice, poverty and the growing gap between rich and poor. For this reason, they will vote them out of power or overthrow them in a violent revolution. Unfortunately all that happens, is they get another patriarchal government just as bad and sometimes worse, to replace them. So, people are forced to support patriarchal governments because they know no other choice.

But there is a choice and that is matriarchy.

This choice is only possible if women can organize themselves and have the confidence to say “we can rule the world better than what men can“. And also point out that the reason for this, which is because of their maternal instincts. If women can create matriarchal political parties and explain to the voters the advantage of voting for maternal and nurturing women, then the voters will have a real choice of whether they want to live in matriarchal or patriarchal society.

This then means that women can not only nurture their own children and families but have the power to nurture the whole world.

~ William BOND, 2012 @ A Celebration of Women


  1. Women should rule the world so the gun sellers can sell more weapons to their directionless, unsupervised kids to turns our schools into warzones because they really donlt feel loved, the real thing to live for is material selfish desires – at least that’s how it looks these days.

  2. “WOMEN naturally have the hormone OXYTOCIN; men don’t.”

  3. You are so wrong. A women would not stop the wars. If a women ever became President of the United States we would be forced into even more wars. Our country would be looked as being weak from male dominant societies, and our ememies would become even more active. The female president would be force to show force and do the same thing as a man would do. War has always existed and it always will.

  4. fairlight iddings says

    There have been societies where rule came from the female lineage. Mostly though, the cruelty and bloodshed that has dominated our history has come from male dominated countries. Today we are faced with the bombings of innocents, including children, by a bizarrely male dominated group of countries preaching a religion that lowers women, and teaches that those who disagree deserve death. There is a huge problem in the trafficking of human beings for slavery. Prominent therein is trafficking of women, men, and children for sexual slavery. There would be no sexual slavery if it wasn’t in demands. Many of these men-‘johns’ go to women who are drugged and chained to a bed. That is all the reason I need to believe women should take over.

  5. As a man I heartily agree that women should run the world – women need to understand that they hold the power to transform the world and then act on it (for starters, in democratic nations, stop voting for male politicians!)

    Men need to look themselves in the mirror and be honest about the fact that their natures do not make them qualified to handle important leadership roles – keep competition and aggression confined to the sporting arenas and let mutual caring, cooperation and compassion change the world under feminine governance

  6. Sierra Bloom says

    Ahhhh, William, your wisdom is ALWAYS a breath of fresh air!!! Yes it’s true, Women don’t even know what a Matriarchy is. They have had their roles as Healer, Nurtuter, WiseWoman, Mystic, Herbalist,, Midwife, etc, STOLEN from them, because patriarchy has ALWAYS feared the TRUE creatrix if Life.

    It goes like this. Females, will naturally be kind loving nurturing, caring… UNLESS some outside influence changes this. Men will naturally be self centered, uncaring, , might is right focused, competitive/aggressive, unless some outside influence changes that. These outside influences can be family, or society or whatever.

    So this explains how some men can be VERY loving and selfless, it also explains how SO MANY females have been dupped to make it their life’s goal to be a bimbo for boyz.

    WOMEN naturally have the hormone OXYTOCIN; men dont, they have to make it.

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