How Women in Movies Inspire A Leadership Mindset – 10 Movie Tips

How Women in Movies Inspire A Leadership Mindset – 10 Movie Tips

If you’ve been reading my Movies that Motivate blog for past year you will know that I’ve been documenting the difficult times testing my positivity and resilience. I’ve survived financial crisis, bankruptcy, near homelessness and a blow to my self-esteem and self-worth. What helped me maintain my indestructible optimism were the supportive people around me AND incredible movies that motivated me to take charge of my life. Most of these movie heroes happened to be women.

The movie trailer for Eat Pray Love, for example, came out in March of 2010 just as I was losing my home of 15 years. I shuddered at the scene where Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) put all her belongings in a 10×10 foot storage locker after she lost her money and home. I ended up doing the same but in a 5×5 foot locker. When the film finally came to theatres in August I was temporarily living in a 100 sq ft. room in someone else’s home. I had lost so much of my life.

The gift and silver lining in these dark experiences was knowing I was building a leadership mindset. I was learning not to take the victim attitude but a CEO attitude in my own life. Movie heroes like Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bollock) in The Blind Side, Erin Gruwell (Hilary Swank) in Freedom Writers and Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) in Secretariat all inspired me to maintain my POSITIVITY, PERSEVERANCE, PASSION and INDESTRUCTIBLE OPTIMISM.




“I will never leave you. That’s a promise.”
Ellen Ripley, Lieutenant
Aliens (1989)

“I can’t have a baby because I have a 12:30 lunch meeting.”
J.C. Wiatt, Executive
Baby Boom (1987)

“You threaten my son, you threaten me.”
Leigh Anne Tuohy, Interior Designer
The Blind Side (2009)

“Look, I don’t know shit about shit but I know right from wrong!”
Erin Brockovich, Legal Assistant
Erin Brockovich (2000)

“When I’m helping these kids make sense of their lives, everything about my life makes sense to me. How often does a person get that?”
Erin Gruwell, Teacher
Freedom Writers (2007)

“Fried chicken just tend to make you feel better about life.”
Aibileen Clark, Maid
The Help (2011)

“Your book is going to change the world. Do you hear me?”
Julie Powell, Food Blogger & Julia Child, Chef & Author
Julie & Julia (2010)

“This is about life being ahead of you and you run at it! Because you never know how far you can run unless you run.”
Penny Chenery, Manager
Secretariat (2010)

“My name is Temple Grandin. I’m not like other people. I think in pictures and I connect them.”
Temple Grandin, Consultant
Temple Grandin (2010)

“I am not steak. You can’t just order me.”
Tess McGill, Secretary
Working Girl (1988)

These 10 female movie heroes are featured in my new 1 min. video.



Recently, I have been sharing the tools and methods that have helped me through difficult times with close friends and colleagues now going through their own life and work challenges. This inspired me to create 2 new speaker topics, one of which is for women’s organizations called “How Women In Movies Inspire A Leadership Mindset”.

The movie characters you resonate with are there to mirror your inner strengths and inspire you to overcome any challenge you face. Their actions and success stories can help you visualize your own triumphs. There are many cinematic role models both female and male to motivate you forward. Go and discover your movie heroes today!

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Author | Speaker | Movie Blogger

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