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Hello Beautiful Ones

You’re going to LOVE this exciting FREE Angels & Energy

Telesummit Tour: A Passport to Healing Your Body,
Financial Flow & Relationships, from September 26th
through October 8th at 1:00pm PST/4:00pm EST.

A stellar ensemble of 11 renowned Angel and Energy “tour
guides” (including me!) will share road maps with specific
tools, strategies, and mindsets about angelic support and
energy medicine. This Telesummit Tour is dedicated to
Archangel RaphaelThe Master Healer or “God’s Physician”
who helps us heal our bodies, our financial flow, our
relationships, and our lives.

In a hurry?

Go here for all the details:

And who should join us on this healing journey? Anyone who
answers “yes” to three or more of these questions:
– Do you want to feel supported, guided and never
– Are you ready to just say “NO” to Lack and embrace
your Abundance?
– Would you be open to the “highest of help” from the
angels to assist you?
– Do you want to know how to use spiritual resources
to guide you through these uncertain times?
– Would you be open to learning specific daily energy
practices that will accomplish the healing you need?
– Are you willing to practice the most powerful
method angels use to communicate their messages?
– Do you want to know about the impact of your
physical energy on your health, financial flow and
love life?
– Would you be open to learning how to work with your
personal Angels Guides?
– Are you ready to create your body as a temple
instead of a tent?
– Do you want to be able to release attachment to the
outcomes of your interactions?
– Would you like to know what Love has to do with
Best part? Lore Raymond and Cecily MacArthur are so
passionate about sharing this information that they’re
gifting you with the ENTIRE Angels & Energy Telesummit
Tour: A Passport to Healing Your Body, Financial Flow &

Here’s where you can reserve your first class seat for FREE:

If you can’t make all the calls or you want to be sure you
can access the information whenever YOU want, then here’s
something for you…
The Very Important Angel (VIA) UPGRADE PACKAGE

Only $44.40!

This includes 11 hours of content-rich, divinely inspired
conversations with the expert “tour guides” on the Angels
& Energy Telesummit Tour (MP3 Downloads), PLUS many
Heavenly Bonus Gifts valued at over $300!
Register now and order your Very Important Angel (VIA)
UPGRADE Package!

Celebrating your healing in all ways! So pack your bags
and join us!
Love and fun,
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Telesummit Tour.

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