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Weekly Women’s Update

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Last week, Dr. Biden traveled to Kenya where relief operations are underway to help the thousands of refugees affected by the devastating famine in Somalia. Visiting with women and children at the Dadaab Refugee Complex, Dr. Biden – joined by former U.S. Senator Bill Frist, USAID Administrator Raj Shah, Assistant Secretary of State Eric Schwartz, and Special Assistant to the President Gayle Smith– witnessed firsthand the effects of one of worst droughts in 60 years and the resulting famine in Somalia. 29,000 children under the age of five have died in the past three months and more than 12 million people across the Horn of Africa are in urgent need of care.

President Obama visited an advanced battery manufacturing plant in Holland, MI to highlight the key role that innovative technologies will play in the future of the U.S. auto industry. He sympathized with the frustration Americans are feeling over the inaction in Washington, and acknowledged that partisan politics are getting in the way of our nation’s ability to create jobs and erase the legacy of debt that is hanging over the economy.

President Obama urged Americans to use the current Congressional break as an opportunity to talk to their Representatives and tell them to take the necessary steps to grow our economy.”

Dr. Jill Biden and Senator Bill Frist visit the Dagahaley refugee camp, in Dabaab, Kenya. August 8, 2011. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)


Advancing the Lives of Young Women Through Mentorship

This generation of young women is facing obstacles far greater than most can imagine. These hardships range from generational poverty, peer pressure, early pregnancy, and gang violence. In response to this issue, members of the Council on Women & Girls and other White House staff held a briefing on the importance of mentorship in the lives of young girls.Providing Our Schools Relief from No Child Left Behind

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan emphasizes the President’s commitment to supporting education reforms that are flexible and maintain meaningful accountability for improving student outcomes and closing achievement gaps nationwide.President Obama on Common Sense Steps to Grow the Economy.

President Obama addressed the news from Friday that the United States received a downgrade by one of the credit rating agencies. The President discussed the need to tackle our deficits over the long term through tax reform that asks those who can afford it to pay their fair share and modest adjustments to health care programs like Medicare.

President Obama: There’s Something Wrong with our Politics that We Need to Fix
President Obama today urged Americans to use the current Congressional break as an opportunity to talk to their Representatives and tell them to take the necessary steps to grow our economy.

West Wing Week 8/11/2011 or “Made in America”

Welcome to West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Last week, the President announced new initiatives that will put unemployed veterans back to work and new fuel economy standardsfor trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles that will reduce oil consumption and pollution and save businesses money.

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