13 Grandmothers Council – Brazil & Mother Earth Festival with Flordemayo‏


10th International Council

of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers


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The Grandmothers’Voice

In the Flow of the Water

October 21-24th

UNIPAZ (University of Peace) Brasilia, Brazil

In honor of Grandmothers Maria Alice Campos Freire,

Clara Shinobu Iura, and the peoples of Mapia and Brazil

“Gratitude and joy are the words that come out to express what it is to be hosting the 10th Gathering of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, here in Brazil, in South America. When we look at what is unfolding in this preparation, we can see the prophecies becoming reality

and we feel so humbled.

“We, as the people of the South, naturally were guided to dedicate our gathering to the Water. And we can witness the flow of this sacred element designing the event. The prophecy says about the encounter of the eagle and the condor as a sign of the New Time. This is the first of our gatherings that is going to happen in the condor’s land and, as the time is approaching, we see the different expressions of native people from South America making signs, joining us, here in Brazil for this sacred moment, when we will host the people from the eagle’s land.”

Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire

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Mother Festival
2nd Annual

Mother Earth Festival

A benefit for the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

With Speaker Grandmother Flordemayo



August 20, 2011

10 am to 8 pm

86915 Territorial Rd in Veneta


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