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This new Sacred Breath Workshop is very powerful!


I am offering the transforming Violet Ray energy for the first time in many years. The Violet Ray Power encompasses all of creation both in the visible and invislbe worlds of manifestation. it is a seed energy similar to the AOUM vibration more commonly known to serious truth students. The transmuting energy definitely awakens the Christ Light, the purple ray of brilliant holiness.

 The energy I call upon will lead you step by step into the Violet Ray illumination. Come with me into the inner chambers of the Light and hear the eternal sound of the One. Listen to the Violet tone ringing its magical sound of joy and tranquility. Hear the melody of love so pure, its transcending presence eveloping you in its completeness.

 Come with us to the sparkling cosmos and cross over and through the Eye of God. Ride in a chariot of Light and experience the Triune Flame and see the invisible lands of purple brilliancy.


Come….and you will expand your experience of the totality of the Spirit.


Date: Friday, April 15th, 7pm  

Sohmar Massage School Downers Grove

Cost: $55

Reserve your space: 630-202-3818




Peace, Shirlee

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