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A Celebration of Women,
Last month I sent you an email about a young mom from Ethiopia – Tuba, a 14 year-old who gave birth to Abdulgafar, a boy with hydrocephalus.
I want to share a letter I received from Tuba about the incredible transformation that has taken place in their lives.
“To my friends in Canada,
I am so happy to tell you about the change in Abdulgafar’s life. It all started when cbm’s workers were conducting a house-to-house survey in my village. At first, when they came to my home, I didn’t want to tell them about my child. I was afraid they would judge my child the way some members of my community do. In a bad way…
Finally, I let them see Abdulgafar. They went through different exercises with him and promised to help. The cbm worker started to come and do various exercises with my son. I was taught how to care for my child. Gradually, my child was able to crawl, sit and stand… It was literally a miracle! Then he started to walk by himself. I never dreamed such a great change was possible! The community has become more supportive. My child has started to play with other children…
Through cbm, I was also trained in business skills. I have been given a loan to expand my business. Now I am happy. I am happy with the change I see in my child. My business has grown. I used to borrow money from wholesalers at a high interest rate. I don’t borrow anymore! Now I’m able to save money!
I have started to believe that everything is possible. I am no longer a prisoner. I say to you, you can only be happy when you help others, when you are there for people who are in need, for those who are hopeless. My family was once hopeless. Your support has made a huge change in my family’s life – especially in the life of my child.
Your support has been legs, eyes and ears for my child. Your support has been a source of hope for a better future. I am very grateful for you. May God fulfill all your dreams.”
Catherine Anne, when I received this letter, it brought joy to my heart just knowing that Abdulgafar can now walk by himself and play with other children.
And I know you feel the same way. I thank God for our community workers that find forgotten children like Abdulgafar and I thank God for you. Without your love and support, we wouldn’t be able to rescue and restore people trapped in poverty by disability.
Jesus’ name,
Ed Epp
Executive Director, cbm
You’ll be giving a child like Abdulgafar – and his whole family – hope.
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