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Newsletter March 26, 2011
Join James Twyman for the opportunity of a lifetime!
Assisi Peace Walk and the World Prayer for Peace Day

Imagine walking through the countryside of Umbria in Italy, actually following in the footsteps of Saint Francis, arriving in Assisi ten days later for one of the most important peace gatherings in history! This is the trip that James will be leading in October, culminating in major participation in the World Prayer for Peace Day on October 27th when the leaders of the 12 major religions of the world come to pray for peace to honor the 25th anniversary of the original gathering.

The Original Gathering in 1986

For the first time in history the leaders of the 12 major religions of the world came to Assisi to join in prayer on October 27, 1986. Each leader shared the peace prayer from their tradition, the same prayers James put to music and shares as The Peace Troubadour. Called by Pope John Paul II, leaders like the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and many more came to focus on the most important issue of our time and how the various spiritual traditions can support that endeavor. The gathering was such an enormous success that it will be repeated again this year, the 25th anniversary.

Assisi — The City of Peace

800 years ago Assisi witnessed the life and ministry of one of the most important figures in history — Saint Francis. Since then the small medieval town has become one of the most beloved pilgrimage sites in the world, drawing millions of visitors. If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit this extraordinary village, this may be your opportunity. Assisi has maintained its centuries old charm and literally vibrates with the peace and compassion of it’s two patrons: Saint Francis and Saint Clare.

The Walk

There will only be room for around 30 people because of limited hotel space, so time is of the essence if you are interested in joining James and the other pilgrims. (There are currently only about 10 spaces left) Here are some of the details you’ll need to know:

1. The dates of the journey are October 15 – October 29. The walk itself will take 10 days.
2. The cost is $2200 which includes hotel for the entire trip, all breakfasts, bus and guides. Not included are flights to Italy and transportation to LaVerna (where the pilgrimage begins), lunch and dinner.
3. We will be walking on small roads and pathways which are traveled by around 3000 people per year on the Camino of Saint Francis. For more information on the Camino go to:
4. You will join James for a major concert during the peace event, and the entire journey will be filmed for a documentary on the power of music and prayer.
5. You will join many of the special gatherings during the event, having the chance to meet some of the spiritual leaders.

How to Join Us!

Because we are so limited on space and because there are only a few openings left, we ask that you email us right away and send a $500 deposit to hold your space. This will ensure that you’ll be included in all the activities. (If you are not interested in joining us for the walk but would like to be included in the Assisi event, please let us know that as well.) Email us at: We will honor the requests in the order they are received, but your space is not held until we receive the deposit. Send a check payable to The Beloved Community to:

PO Box 3399
Ashland, Or. 97520

Reserve Your Place Today!

If you feel called to join this amazing gathering, don’t wait too long to let us know. This is a trip and a walk that will change your life forever.

In Peace,
The Beloved Community

Join the A-Team!

In about two weeks we will be announcing a major peace project. Here is a sneak peek:

We are looking for 10,000 people to form what we are calling The A-Team for creating peace on the planet. If you believe that prayer and group intention have the power to shift the vibration of the planet, as well as specific events like the one currently taking place today in Libya, then you will want to be involved. Here’s how it will work:

Each day at noon Pacific Time (then again in a time that is convenient for the opposite time zone) each member of the A-Team will receive a text message on their phone saying something like this:

~Stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath, knowing that thousands of others are taking a breath with you. Say this prayer aloud or in your mind: “Peace prevails in Libya now and a peaceful conclusion to the current situation is being achieved.” Then spend two minutes “feeling” the energy of this prayer, sending it out to all people in Libya.

Imagine what will happen if each day ten thousand people commit to this practice, forming a net of peace that is focused on world events as they occur. No one has ever attempted such a focused prayer before, but soon it will become a reality.

Consider being part of the A-Team! More information will follow in about one week.

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