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Some Women Can’t Commit


It’s a fact of life for the modern lady, committing to someone is far more difficult than it used to be.

‘Commitment means compromise.’

Women complain that there are no eligible men anymore and that they have trouble finding anyone who matches up to their most basic requirements. It’s not very often that you would hear a man saying that there aren’t enough eligible females out there and could say they are too picky though.


Men used to be perceived as being afraid of commitment, now it’s some of the other sex.  




There are lots of eligible men out there.

Young, unmarried, good looking, single, with good careers, lifestyles, fit and healthy and looking for a serious relationship.


In fact many men are monogamists!


The fact is, there are many talented men out there ready to commit, but they are really struggling to find partners.

Its important to note that there is no great difference in the number of single, available men and women and so there’s isn’t an imbalance.There’s been social change as important roles have opened up for women in the workplace have increased in many sectors and financial liberation has allowed women to purchase their own apartments and cars and live a whole self-sufficient lifestyle.

Women are able to conceive later and they have a sexual liberty, similar to what men have always had.

Marriage has become a subject that is no longer quite as important as it once was. The average of age for marriage among western gals has now increased from the early twenties to the early thirties. Women instead have replaced early marriage with career and self -fulfillrelationship boundaries, life experiencesment.


Women don’t want to jeopardize this success and comfort.


It is clear that relationships boundaries have changed. Many females will not compromise their jobs for the sake of a relationship. With career comes financial independence and like it or not, many women struggle to understand that men were brought up to feel like the dominant breadwinner. However, as many women excel in their given careers, so the man has to come to terms with the fact that he may not be the primary breadwinner any more. Indeed he may even stay at home and look after the children.

Women’s lives have become more complicated and more dynamic than they once were. Men are slow to react and understand this change.  As part of this evolvement of their own independence during their twenties, they become more sophisticated consumers. Far more so than some men. This in turn means that they know what they are looking for when looking for a man. The sophisticated new woman will often see any committed relationship as perhaps having to give something up.


Women say that they are seeking a man who will compliment their lives and add to their life experiences; not become a burden or avenue for competition….


Children can change the equation because however successful and confident the modern woman is, her biological clock is ticking. Its important to stress that some women are now happy admitting they they don’t want children or don’t want to marry. But for those seeking children in their thirties, they have more options than merely seeking a stable semi-permanent relationship. The man’s role isn’t quite as important as it was as they can be replaced by a test tube.

A man used to call all the shots, now he must listen carefully so its not he who ends up being left on the shelf. It may not be that women can’t commit, it may simply be that they don’t have to anymore. This is evolution and we’ll all get used to it. Relationships between a man and a woman are still incredibly important and there’s still nothing like a great relationship but it no longer is the only way you can have a happy life.




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Bob Bryce, Guest Author

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