ELSA P. – Mercury Stars – Speak Up, Without Being Reckless‏

 Mercury Stars – Speak Up, Without Being Reckless‏  

People get along as we head into the weekend even if there are underlying problems.
Sunday is the only super tense day all week so it’s a nice run here.  
There is a lot of focus on Mercury all week so we’re talking ideas, communications, short trips, neighbors, siblings, organization, health and your daily routine. The flavor is upbeat and this would be a great time to start a diet or exercise program.
Pluto is involved so think about getting rid of ideas that are outmoded. Compare this to pulling weeds from your personal garden to allow for the future growth of that which is essential and will benefit you. There really are no blocks here so take advantage of the open field. Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo are particularly affected and should have a great week.
Jupiter and Uranus are also involved with Mercury so we’re likely to see some big ideas come out of this. With the conjunction in Aries, we will definitely see some aggressive preaching at some point (or be the ones pontificating ourselves).
I don’t see this as a negative. It’s nice to know where people stand as there is much you can learn from people who openly express themselves.

 On top of that, it’s interesting!

Free (Jupiter) speech (Mercury) is a gift but Saturn in Libra opposes Mercury so consider your social responsibilities before you mouth off. The challenge is to balance the need to express yourself with your responsibility to others.
This theme will continue over the next few weeks so it’s worth it to come up with some criteria for what you want to broadcast and what you want to keep to yourself. That, or commit to weighing whatever it is you want to say to make sure you’re not being reckless. The idea here is not to be afraid but to be conscious. For example, discussing your sex life at work is out.
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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,

Elsa P


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