Elsa P. – The Moon is in Leo: ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’‏

The Moon is in Leo as we head into a weekend that favors drama and creativity. I wish I could stop right there but it’s far more complex.
We’ve got people reversing course, preaching for the other side. We’ve got people plagued with dark thoughts mixed with people in denial. We’ve also got people out there, angry and under intense pressure which is never a good combo.
I think it’s possible to work well with all of this, especially if you have a creative outlet and a way to express your rage of ambition (Mars). For example, you might hit the gym, then come home and play with the kids, but you will be managing a lot of energy over the next 2 days, regardless.
Saturday is chaotic but Sunday, most will enjoy some kind of transcendent breakthrough so don’t give up.
Monday there are burdens everywhere which makes the day difficult for people with weak boundaries. This is because some try to offload their responsibilities onto others, so if you can’t say no, you’ll pay the price for that. In contrast, people with healthy boundaries realize more and more how important it is to maintain them.
Tuesday, we continue to deal with “the other” as Saturn goes retrograde. This is an important transit that’s worth understanding. I have made that simple here.
Throughout the week, words are harsh with Mercury squaring Saturn. Communications (yours and theirs) hit like bricks.
This transit peaks on Wednesday and is also worth a closer look – Transit Watch as saying or writing or even thinking the wrong thing has serious consequences this week. If you wonder how you can get in trouble for thinking, just ask anyone who has miscalculated or acted on erroneous information and had a bad result.
I am sorry for all these alerts but this is just the kind of period we’re in. Keywords: Better safe than sorry.
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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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