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It has been a while since I have communicated with all of you regularly. A busy teaching season is winding down and my guidance is to reach out and reconnect. Feels good, because I always love interacting with all you inspired earth angels!
A Moment of Truth
‘Tis the season.
For honesty that is.
I’m talking about full blown, head on, stand-in-front-of-the-mirror naked and smiling kind of honesty.
At least that’s how I wish to live this month signifying the celebration of light for many of the ancient religious traditions. Because light IS honesty. Light IS truth. Light IS expressing your complete, loving self without feeling that it could ever be wrong.
Although I’m already cringing because I just said the word “naked” to almost 6000 angel lovers, here’s a glimpse of my unbridled truth…
I’ve resisted my guidance at times to share some of my more personal thoughts. Why? Because the little girl inside of me recites, “But what if they won’t like me? I remember saying what I really thought to a grownup and I got in BIG trouble. I still have scars from when I did what I REALLY was inspired to do and felt shunned by people I thought were my friends. It’s just too painful; I’d rather hide or be silent.” Perhaps you can relate…
I’ve been less than truthful with myself everytime I allow my mind to convince me that logic is always right as well as wrong. (A mind bender, I know.)
I’ve allowed the beliefs of others to sway my decisions around running the business, raising my children and how to manage day-to-day life. My intention has always been to do what is right, but it’s sometimes hard to know what that is when so many opinions and influences are bombarding me everytime I walk out the door, check my email, pick up the phone or turn on the television.
My Crystalline son said to me a few years ago, “Mom, everybody lies.”
While I refuted his declaration with all my might, I’ve finally come to agree with him and I’m coming out of the closet about it.
We lie to protect ourselves. We lie so as not to hurt someone else’s feelings. We lie to make things easier. We lie to keep things familiar and safe and under control. We lie because it’s what we’ve always known.
We lie because the truth is so powerful, so intense and yes, often scary. The truth can lead us to a reality of ending longterm relationships, moving across the country or quitting a job that pays well in a tough economy.
The truth draws out the most courageous self and sticks the please-let-me-just-hide self in the corner.
Your truth is leading you to your life purpose in every moment, every conversation, every breath.
And if your life purpose includes speaking in front of 1000 people and that is your truth, yikes!
If you’re meant to discover the cure for cancer and you’re not even finished with medical school, OMG, the pressure!
If your approach to parenting is revolutionary and will be a model for the new family across the street or, bite lower lip, all over the world, chances are that your sneaky ego friend is screaming, “No way, Jose!”
Your truth is your God within defined by love, wisdom and compassion. Pure and simple. This force gives you the power to say “no” to those outside influences that weaken you and “yes” to all that gives you strength through truth.
It is your ability to let go of the excuses and release the beliefs that have convinced you to step away from your inherent God powers that know what is truly the perfect choice for you.
This holiday season, I encourage you to celebrate your inner light and give greater awareness to the truths within each decision.
When you make a choice to spend time with someone because you’ll feel guilty if you don’t, you weaken your connection with truth… Trust that if your angels are guiding you to say “No thanks, not this year” to a holiday gathering that has historically thrown you off balance, it’s in the best interest of everyone involved.
When you treat your body in a way that is less than loving, you weaken your connection with truth…Trust that if your angels are gently urging you to take a walk rather than polish off one more slice of fruit cake, that you’ll feel so much better you won’t even think twice about those chewy bright green cherries once your lungs are filled with fresh air.
When you give a gift out of obligation rather than pure joy, you weaken your connection with truth…Trust that if your angels are suggesting you invite your best friend over for a special teatime you prepare with homemade cookies, good china and delightful music rather than buying them a present, this is what your friend needs more.
The holidays are a perfect time to discover new boundaries and shine the light on deeper truths.
Your truth really shall set you free!
What better way to prepare for 2011?!!
Video Message from Archangel Raziel

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Holiday Prayer Event

My beloved husband Peter and I have received guidance to host an open prayer event this Sunday, December 19th at 4pm eastern/1pm pacific. Peter and I will pray for those who come forward with prayer requests as well as hold space for those prayers unspoken.
We will also facilitate a prayer and meditation for peace on earth.
  • No pre-registration is required.
  • Please share with family and friends as you are inspired.
  •  Here are the details to join us.
  • You can also use this same information to access the downloadable recording which will be available after the event is over…
EVENT: Holiday Prayer Event
DATE & TIME: Sunday, December 19th at 4:00pm Eastern
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast — it’s your choice)

Enjoy this season of light!

Love, Joy and Abundance,
Rev. Nina
P.S. I have some holiday surprises from our own AT earth angels in store for you later this week.
        Stay tuned!

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