Taryn Galewind – 6 Signs of Sixth Sense

6 Signs of Sixth Sense

By Taryn Galewind

We all have psychic sensitivity, but is yours above the norm? Even if you don’t pick winning lottery numbers every week, you may be one of those not-so-rare people who have, and can enhance, their innate psychic skill.

Let’s consider six signs that might mean you should polish your sensitivities and talents:

1. You’re more than casually tuned in to energies. You feel a pressing need to call a friend. You find out the friend needs help or was thinking about you. When your phone rings, you know who’s calling. If you seem totally tuned in, you might want to start a journal to track your “coincidences.”

2. You score well on the Zener test. In the 1930s, psychologist Karl Zener created a set of cards to test ESP. Though some experts criticize the test, it can measure strong clairvoyant skill. Read more about it or experiment with the online Zener test. Very high scores are noteworthy.

3. You see beyond visual cues. If you lose your keys, can you mentally envision where they are? Are you right most of the time? Do you know what someone is doing even when you’re away from them? Can you enter a building and perceive specific images of events that happened in the past, or feel events of the future with clarity?

4. You’re more tuned in to your body, mind, and soul than most people are. You knew, without a doubt, that you were pregnant before you took a test. Perhaps you know exactly what your body needs when things don’t feel right. You sometimes think you see hints of color around various parts of your body, and you know when there’s something you must do about them.

5. You sometimes feel unexplainably unwell, maybe nauseated. Later, you’ll learn something major happened to a loved one. I’ve tracked this for years, and it’s unfailing. I knew when my uncle passed. When my son was in a hurricane, I felt his peril. Notice your physical reactions. Note how often they connect to incidents you weren’t aware of. Are you like me?

6. You body/mind/soul energy is extraordinarily positive. When trouble looms, or you feel blue, or it’s a terrible day, you see beyond that. You understand completely that we must experience negatives in order to appreciate positives. You feel sad or down sometimes, like everyone else, but it just never leaves you permanently marked. You feel uplifted most of the time.

We all may have psychic ability – 90% of the human brain is unused and underdeveloped. I’m sure you feel and sense things attributable to coincidence, but if your ability is extraordinary, you know it. You might push back the feelings, but you know what you know.


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