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Erica Boersma C. Hyp, B.A., B.Sc. in Psychology
Human Harmonics Specialist in Relationships

Erica Boersma is an author, counselor, public speaker, radio show host, photographer, videographer, spiritual teacher of the light, emotional alchemist, healer, wayshower, channel of Vesta, co-creator of The Human Harmonics Program and most importantly, a mother of two. She was born in Port Cartier Quebec, Canada, raised in Fernie B.C. and received her two degrees in Psychology at The University of Lethbridge, and then embarked upon guiding others to be all that they came to Earth to be!Please take the time to check out the two websites below as they guide you in becoming the Master of Your Own Emotions and come out of the societal hypnosis of lack, limitation and disempowerment and so much more…

Since graduating, Erica worked as an actress; she created developmental programs for children; she worked in human resources while creating weight loss and maintenance programs; and she did disability management creating an Early Intervention Program for all the school jurisdictions throughout Alberta, Canada.

She is known as a dynamic and energizing presenter and performer with over 25 years providing leading edge insights that inspire all ages, ignites enthusiasm and fosters growth. She now has 25 years experience utilizing her theoretical base integrated with her intuitive understanding to design and create innovative programs and projects that empower women.

Over 20 years ago, Erica learned to tap into a body of universal knowledge by activating her higher self. She has helped a growing number of women find freedom from past limitations and experience expanded levels of joy, harmony, peace, freedom, health, and creativity in their daily lives.

At age 42, Erica experienced a profound inner transformation that changed the course of her life. Erica’s life until then was filled with dramas, traumas, and worry until she chose to learn to “Value her Vibration”. The following year she attracted her Twin Flame into her life and ever since, she has dedicated all her energy 24/7 to transforming mass consciousness, through empowering the human spirit, and awakening the spark of Source Energy within humanity.

Through Erica’s own inner work and inner journey, she developed a powerful understanding of how life mirrors back to us the essence of that which we vibrate and created one of the most life altering books on the market called “Value Your Vibration”, which provides the reader with an easy to read transformational experience (available at both websites listed below). It reminds you of what you came into this life knowing, it creates a space for remembering your essential truths, and it gifts you with the keys to unlock the utopia within leading to the freedom of your spirit. Value Your Vibration is a book about Emotional Alchemy; it gives new meaning to every NOW moment of your Life.

1. Harmonic Utopia

 The Human Harmonics Program is now available and will assist you in learning how to awaken into your true power, raising you into higher and lighter emotional states, elevating your emotional vibration out of fear into love. Through years of studying the hypnotic mind, emotional vibration and solution focused therapies; we have discovered a simple and effective way to assist you in your own personal transformation. Become your own healer, your own guru and connect to your power within. —


If you say YES to any of the following questions…
*Are you living the life you desire or constantly attracting what you do not want?
*Do you want to wake up in the morning filled with energy, excitement, and anticipation?
*Are you searching for freedom and inner peace?
*Do you want to experience falling in love again with life and witness the magic and miracles found in the NOW moment?
*Are you ready to experience a new and different world?

Here is a VIDEO that explains what services we offer through this website:;

2. Inner Balance Hypnotherapy

 We are different than your average hypnotherapy training course… We teach you how to assist people to wake up from a societal hypnosis into their true nature and introduce them to the healer within. We teach hypnotherapy in a way that you understand the principals of manifestation, the theory behind the hypnotic mind, and how it all functions together. It doesn’t matter if it is health, wealth, relationships, education or sports we will assist you to understand how to help others beyond their blocks in life and experience true change.

….from the convenience and comfort of your own home, take the training and learn how to assist people to…

· Increase Motivation..sports training-personal goals-mental pre-practice for excellence
· Control Anxiety… fears… phobias… performance anxiety…
· Spiritual Acceleration… healing… transformation…
· Release Emotional Trauma… freedom from limiting blocks, beliefs and experiences
· Control Weight/Eating problems… its never about the food-it’s about loving who you are
· Accelerate Healing… emotional, mental and physical
· Depression release… discovering joy, peace, passion and laughter again
· Aid in Spiritual Growth… spiritual evolution… oneness… re-connection to source
· Increase Creativity… writers block… release of internal critic
· Addiction free programs… releasing the smoking habit… drugs and alcohol
· Law of Attraction… personal and group work… creating reality
· Emotional Transformation… take control of your emotional state for manifesting

So when you are ready to be the healer and create change in other people’s lives, make the commitment to yourself and start the certification program now click here.

Here is a VIDEO that explains what we do at Inner Balance:;


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