VERONICA, ‘Gather All The Goodness’

Gather All The Goodness "Gather all the goodness of the day into your heart. There is no reason to ignore the special energy that is there. Do not allow anyone or anything to distract you from it. If you do find yourself floundering in a sea of difficulty, reach deeply into that heart for relief. Sprinkle the seeds of positive awareness into your reality as readily as negativity decides to invade your space. It is the conditions for negativity that tend to … [Read more...]

World Pulse, Launching Voices of Our Future 2013‏

Call for Applicants - Support Your Alumni's Work! Are you a grassroots Woman Leader with something to say? Do you want to bring your voice and solutions to a global audience?   Apply HERE before April 2nd for our online training program in new media, citizen journalism, and empowerment. Thirty women will be selected to receive the skills and knowledge they need to actualize and vocalize their visions for change.   Call for Volunteers Would you like to support the … [Read more...]

FYR Macedonia – Writing women into the budget

The government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has taken a vital step towards gender equality by adopting its first strategy on gender-responsive budgeting (GRB). Although gender-responsive budgeting has led to the growth of separate programmes and micro-projects for women, this project takes a more inclusive approach. The five-year plan will ensure that, across government agencies, gender gaps and inequality in policies, plans, programmes and budgets are broadly addressed and … [Read more...]


   Silence           "Every silence must be carried through towards death so that it is immortal   And every smile and tear and glance must be detached from what is fragile and finite   Even an oak leaf cannot for ever be happy on a branch even a dove is not for ever on a window sill   What flies away will come back what stays will sing   Silence is the memento after everything faithful as it were not silence after love."             This short poem by Polish … [Read more...]

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