‘Access Your Power’ – Weekend Intensive Workshop: Oct. 15/9:30am – Oct. 16/5:00pm

Access Your Power is an intensive weekend workshop delving into the mysteries and mechanics of unlocking your authentic power and creating genuine fulfillment in your life. A completely holistic approach to developing your authentic power, linking powerful self expression in the external world with your inherent source of authentic power based on your interconnectedness with the universe and the source of creativity and power itself. The 'Global Awakening Institute' Transform your … [Read more...]

MONIKA is Taking Action – Reiki Workshop !

Reiki Level One Workshop - Energy Healing Theory and Practice     If you want to become Reiki practitioner and an energy healer If you feel like you want to assist in planetary changes If you were always dreaming about helping people If your path changed tremendously recently If you are sensitive to other people's emotions If you feel like growing beyond what you know If you feel like you are missing your calling If you are committed to personal growth and helping others … [Read more...]

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