Mobile telephony: Empowering women through self employment

When was the last time you met a truly empowered woman?   Well, earlier in the week, I was lucky enough to meet Valiben Macwana, one of the 1.7 million empowered self-employed women's association (SEWA) members. SEWA, based in Ahmedabad, India, is an organization of self-employed women workers who earn their living thanks to their small business. These women do not get a monthly salary, nor enjoy benefits like those of their sisters in the "organized labour sector". And to make … [Read more...]

Gujarat state of India, poor women are being empowered

Listen / Download Jamuben has worked in the arid lands of Gujarat for the last 40 years In the rural areas of the Gujarat state of India, poor women are being empowered to stand on their own, raising their families and building their houses. This is thanks to the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) which has been fighting for the empowerment of women workers in India since 1972. Recently staff from the economic and social development department at the UN’s Food and … [Read more...]

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