IFAW-Sheryl Fink: Baby Seals Shot,Clubbed off Newfoundland & Labrador‏

Seals pups are dying, and I need your help right now to stop the cruelty. This bloodied and suffering seal pup waved itsflipper over and over as the sealers continued piling hunted seals on theboat. HELP US END THIS CRUELTY The seal hunt has just begun off the coast of Newfoundland. Thanks to our caring supporters, IFAW's Seal Team is there documenting the cruelty, and they're heartbroken over what they're seeing. Here's a firsthand report from IFAW's Seal Campaign … [Read more...]

Urgent action: The lives of seals and your tax dollars are at stake‏

SAVE the Seals of CANADA Speak out for seals today Dear Catherine Anne, Today is the International Day of Action for seals - a day to speak out against Canada's commercial seal hunt, the world's largest allowed slaughter of marine mammals. Our government would like us to think that the seal hunt that stains the ice off our East coast red with blood is an important economic industry. But we Canadians know better. We know that hundreds of thousands of seals die … [Read more...]

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