Building capacities in Gender Statistics, WORLD EVENTS

Workshop on improving the integration of a gender perspective into official statistics will be arranged in Chiba, Japan on 16-19 April DESA’s Statistics Division and the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP) are organizing jointly a capacity building workshop on gender statistics, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Government of Japan. The purpose of the workshop is to train national statisticians on the production and use of gender … [Read more...]

WOMAN of ACTION – Shannon Oosthuysen

A Celebration of Women is delighted to Celebrate the Life of this Amazing woman that is devoting her life to God and Women all over the World to helping Women find their 'Self Worth', while coping with the juggling many roles and learn how to appreciate the true meaning of 'be the best they can be'. This Woman, all the way from Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA, works diligently building a Foundation WOMEN WORLD WIDE, that helps Women in Life. WOMAN of ACTION Shannon … [Read more...]

Pearl Seigel: 10 Common Mistakes Start-up Businesses Make

10 Common Mistakes Start-up Businesses “Femmepreneur” An increasing number of entrepreneurs are entering the challenging new world of running one’s own business. Pearl Seigel addresses some of the common pitfalls: Lack of planning - Businesses that do not have a plan often lack direction and focus. The purpose of developing a business plan is not just to raise capital but to direct the process of starting a new business. That said it is always important to change the … [Read more...]

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