10 Things Kids Learned from Mister Rogers Neighborhood

From 1968 to 2008, when PBS permanently pulled Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood from their programming line-up, kids tuned in every day to watch Fred Rogers cheerfully come home and take them on an adventure filled with fantasy characters and life lessons. Though the beloved Mister Rogers died in 2003, the lessons that he passed along to those children, now adults themselves, have carried on. For the sake of nostalgia, here are 10 of the things that a generation of children learned from Mister … [Read more...]

Brighten the Corner Where You Are!, Larry James

Have you ever just been doing what you were doing and a thought from the past popped into your mind? It suddenly interrupted whatever you were doing and you silently wondered where that thought came from and why? DIVINE INSPIRATION   When I was a little boy, my mom and dad were ministers of a church in a little town high on a hill in Owingsville, Kentucky. My mother wasn't the best piano player but she was the only one the church had. It was an old fashioned church and during the … [Read more...]

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