Lake Pollution Causes Health Problems – Act Now!

A Celebration of Women , The Great Lakes is the source of drinking water for 40 million people, including possibly you. But it is so polluted that there is evidence of cancer and reproductive abnormalities in human and animal populations in the Basin. Tell the Canadian Government that this is unacceptable! » Beluga whales that inhabit the great lakes are a majestic and rare treat. But these are among the most contaminated mammals in the entire world. And many fish that come from the … [Read more...]

Colombia: Wayuu Gold, Fighting for Access to Fresh Water

Colombia: Wayuu Gold, Fighting for Access to Fresh Water In some parts of the world it's as rare as gold — and getting a hold of some, nearly impossible. To one of Colombia's largest indigenous groups indigenous groups, Wayuu, that gold is fresh water. Soon their water will be siphoned from Wayuu lands through new pipes to a nearby town, where the population is not indigenous. As struggles for ethnic rights, such as access to water, are recreated across the country, the community deals … [Read more...]

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