WOMAN Taking Action ~ Carolyn Jackson leads the way!

Women of our World to Take Action ~ Leading the Way! Hello A Celebration of Women, This email confirms that you have received a donation of $xx.00 CAD from Carolyn Jackson. Donation Details Total amount: $xx.00 CAD Currency: Canadian Dollars Reference: ACWD2011 Confirmation number: 0KX97549YA1902644 Purpose: A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. Contributor: Carolyn Jackson Mailing … [Read more...]

WOMEN of ACTION – Elvira Hopper

  A Celebration of Women is elated to Celebrate the Life of yet another amazing woman...   one that has Risen Above Adversity, found her own Spirituality, grew from embracing Change throughout her life; and now devotes her life to helping others. In her own words.....   WOMAN of ACTION Elvira Hopper     " Life Coach to the Stars ... ! You would be hard-pressed to find anyone more passionate about seeing everyone live their BEST LIFE than me! 27 … [Read more...]

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