Mother’s Day Globally, Dr. Dilshad

Mother's Day Globally: Mothers and motherhood have been revered for millennia. Maternal Greek and Roman goddesses were celebrated with extravagant festivals, and in 16th-century Europe, "Mothering Sunday" took place during Lent, when Christians would attend a special service at the main church in their area, or their "mother church." Over time, this merged with the American holiday created in 1908 by Anna Jarvis, who was inspired to create a day to recognize the sacrifices that mothers make … [Read more...]

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2013 – What is Motherhood?

What is Motherhood? What does Motherhood mean to you? Well I am going through alot of transitions in my life now. You see I am a Mother of 6 kids. 3 Boys and 3 Girls.They are all grown now and off on their own so I am left having to be on my own and relizing that do I even know how to really be on my own? You see I have always been some ones Mom. Taking the kids here and there and making sure everyone was at their certain destination or making sure all home work was done or … [Read more...]

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