5 Health & Wellness Trends In 2021

2021 has been a unique year for everyone. Life has returned to some kind of normality, but not all the way, and the pandemic is still a major threat and a fast-changing situation, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. In this unique time, people have been prioritizing their health and wellness, which is fantastic to see, and there have been a number of trends to emerge in this time. These trends have helped women (and men) to stay happy and healthy even during this strange time, so keep … [Read more...]

What To Buy to Improve Your Relationship

It’s never a bad thing to admit that your relationship may need improvement; in fact, it’s healthier to admit it than to ignore it when you might be having problems. Improving your relationship can be done in many ways, from simple and fun to bigger investments that can benefit you both long term. So, if you’re finding you’re feeling distant, not as close, struggling to spend relaxing time together at home, or anything else you’re worried about, here are some good investments you can make to … [Read more...]

Lady Patricia’s Experience with Relaxed and Natural Hair

Women with Afro kinky hair know firsthand the frustration that can come with trying to achieve long and healthy hairstyles. Many resort to relaxers to tame their hair, and some don’t feel that they have other options. In this valuable guide, Patricia Atsonglo gives her tips and advice based on years of research and the expertise of stylists, describing effective methods for common hairstyles for black women such as mesa, thread type, Afro and relaxed. "I wrote my book because I … [Read more...]

Essential Skillset Needed to Lead as an Excellent Clinical Nurse

Nursing is a highly skilled job requiring a mixture of hard and soft skills. Hard skills are those that are related to specific technical knowledge, such as assessing a group of symptoms and making a diagnosis and knowing how to efficiently apply bandages on broken bones. Soft skills, on the other hand, are less-defined skills that are more akin to innate characteristics, but can still be built upon if they need strengthening. Perhaps the most important soft skills in the nursing profession … [Read more...]

What’s Next? Could it Be an Online Degree?

Many people reach a moment in their lives when they are unsure what to do next. Perhaps they are satisfied in their professions and personal lives, but they believe that contentment is insufficient; they need a challenge. Maybe they're unhappy with what they're doing right now and need to make a shift to improve their situation. Perhaps they took a break from employment owing to illness, raising a family, or other personal reasons, and they are now ready to return. If this describes you, or … [Read more...]

A Domestic Abuse Victim’s Guide to Freedom

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a common problem. Statistics show that one in four women and one in seven men in the U.S. experience physical violence from a partner. But because of victim stigma and shame, this is a problem that doesn't get addressed enough while solutions are not often discussed. It makes sense for victims to want to get as far away from their abusers as possible, but unfortunately, they often encounter obstacles like a lack of money and even laws that forbid them to … [Read more...]

How to Buy Health Insurance for Yourself

Health insurance plans are like the most reliable friend one can have. Unfortunately, most people in India are not aware of the benefits a health insurance plan can bring. An insurance plan is compared to a reliable friend because when you buy health insurance, it provides you with financial aid in case of a medical emergency. Basically, a health insurance policy provides you with protection for both your health and wealth. Different insurance providers offer different health insurance … [Read more...]

4 Signs You Need to Take a Break as a Mum

Mums are known to be tough and can wear several hats. If you are one of these superwomen, you may not be a stranger to waking up early morning, juggling office and home chores, prepping dinner, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, and the list goes on. The day can always be tiring, which is why you need to take a break. You can break down, or you might lose it in no time if you continue to use all your energy without recharging. A quick break from all the chaos will go a long way. You … [Read more...]

Female Reporter at the Forefront of Male-Dominated iGaming Industry

The history of gambling has always been dominated by men—from the top casino executives to the dealers and players. The rise of women empowerment in the past few decades has led to the involvement of more women in the gambling industry. Even with this, it can be said that the gambling industry is still largely male-dominated. But this does not stop women from performing crucial roles within the gambling sector, which has seen a surge in demand over the past several years, with iGaming or online … [Read more...]

How Much Formula Does Your Infant Need?

Although there are many good reasons to breastfeed, it is sometimes not suitable for a mother or baby. There are numerous reasons it doesn't work out, like having to go back to work or problems with producing enough milk. It is no shame to feed your baby formula, particularly with good organic brands. There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby formula, especially moms and dads, with the good organic brands available. However, if you plan to switch to baby formula, you probably have some … [Read more...]

How To Make Sure Your Baby Stays Safe While Traveling

Alongside many challenges that parenting brings, traveling with a baby for the first time may seem like one of the scariest ones. Maybe you've heard about some bad experiences, or maybe you're just scared. True, it's not an easy task but it's doable. With proper planning and a handful of useful tips, you'll gain the confidence and the courage to do it. Here are some ideas that will help you take the best possible care of your little one during the trip and make it more enjoyable for the whole … [Read more...]

5 Types of Child Care Services You Should Know

The number of young, working parents, including families with both parents and families with single parents, is increasing. This is creating an ever-increasing need for quality child care services and facilities. Consequently, the growing demand for childcare services is sparking the growth of both new and already-established baby care facilities. Note that child care services range from informal home-based operations to well-established commercial centers. However, finding a suitable … [Read more...]

Pain Did Not Stop Her From Achieving Her Dream

Local Ipswich Woman saw eight doctors and three hospitals and ended up studying medicine to heal her own body. This was ridiculous, I needed to be able to function, to walk, to sit in a chair, to stand and to complete tasks on a daily basis. None of this was happening as I was always taking 2-6 weeks off at a time, lying down, crying in pain, unable to move, unable to eat, unable to think. I could not function. I had a business to run. For 35 years I had been like this. I had gone to … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Help You Achieve Healthier Hair

Having a full and healthy head of hair isn’t always as simple as it may seem. There are a variety of factors that might be standing in the way of you achieving the healthy head of hair that you have always dreamed of. From hormonal changes to your inherited genetics, you might find yourself fighting an uphill battle in regard to the quality of your hair. Many people find themselves suffering from sudden hair loss as the result of high amounts of stress. Other factors such as a poor diet can … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Yourself as an Older Adult

Adulthood and age come with it many responsibilities. There are likely many things, tasks, and activities that you have to do daily. From the simple task of getting up and making your bed, making and preparing food, and completing tasks related to your work, it is safe to say that life can get busy. If you are an older adult, it may become more difficult for you to handle and juggle all the responsibilities of life, and so, you may need help. This is normal and understandable because … [Read more...]

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