Simple Ways to Reward Yourself and Achieve More

The world is only getting more challenging and competitive. Whether you work in a corporate environment, trying to get your business off the ground, or you are taking care of the kids while working on social movements, you are in a constant battle against new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

In this situation, knowing how to appreciate small milestones is important. You have to appreciate yourself for the work that you do, and one of the ways to do that is by rewarding yourself at certain moments. The rewards don’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, the best rewards are the simplest ones you can give to yourself.

Take a Time Off

It is not uncommon for busy women to feel burned out, especially when they work and take care of the family at the same time. The extra responsibilities speed up the process of reaching that boiling point. What you want to do is give yourself some time off after certain milestones.

Take a step back and enjoy your Me time after completing a project. You can also indulge in the things you love to do when the kids are at school. Don’t wait until you have time to rest or take a step back; make time and arrange your schedule around it.

Taking some time off is a great way to maintain a balance between your responsibilities at work or at home with having a healthy personal life. An hour spent reading a book you really enjoy is often more than enough to refresh the mind and get you ready for the next big challenge to overcome.

Take a Nap

Getting more sleep – and by more sleep, I mean good quality sleep – is another way you can refresh. A lot of working moms and career women no longer have the time to get enough sleep for various reasons. For many, taking a nap is just impossible.

Again, the key here is making time instead of waiting for the right moment to present itself. If you want to have a nap and be more productive at work, set aside 15 to 20 minutes to do so and add that time to your daily schedules.

Taking a nap and getting enough sleep at night is helping you stay productive and effective. Multiple studies have shown that professionals that take a nap at work concentrate better and have a higher problem-solving ability.


Even when you are trying to maintain a strict budget, setting aside money to buy yourself something nice is still very important. Shopping should be a part of your budget; by setting aside a portion of your income for shopping, you can turn shopping into a healthy habit and a way to reward yourself.

Thanks to online shopping, finding items that you actually love gets easier by the day. Top retailers offer access to fashion pieces, accessories and jewelry by some of the biggest designers on the market today including Saint Laurent, Off White and Balenciaga. You can do some online window shopping without leaving the office or while waiting for the kids to get out of school.

Online shopping is a simpler way of rewarding yourself with the help of digital products. Instead of buying hard copies, for instance, you can pick up a new digital book at the end of every month and have plenty of things to read at all times with a Kindle in your bag.

Be a Tourist

Let’s avoid the term “traveling” for a second. You don’t have to spend days and visit an entirely new city to get that same joy of discovering new things and going on an adventure. What you need to do is become a tourist; this is something you can do in your own city.

When was the last time you visited the local museum or the zoo? Have you ever gone on a culinary adventure and tried new restaurants around the city? There are so many simple things you can do to enjoy the marvels of traveling, all without spending a fortune on tickets and accommodation.

My favorite is flea markets and antique shops; I know a lot of women share my passion and the joy of browsing through old, antique items. There is something about finding a hidden gem – and just looking at antique items – that is really joyful.

A Positive Habit

Rewarding yourself whenever you hit a milestone is a positive habit to have. The more you can recognize the small moments to appreciate, the more you are willing to reward yourself for all the hard work you have done. It is a cycle that actually improves your life as a whole.

As you reward yourself in small and simple ways, you are also improving your ability to think creatively and perform better in different environments. You will end up being better at work and at home, and you will enjoy a more balanced life like never before.

Thanks to Zoe Price

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