A Self-Care Guide for Women in Need of a Little Boost

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Self-care is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s now more vital than either, as the past year has proven. There should always be a focus on good mental health and caring for your well-being, but it’s very easy to let it slip and find yourself struggling when times get even harder. That’s why self-care is even more important, to ensure that you’re putting your own well-being at the forefront of everything you do.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is a lot more than simply eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep — though these are very important steps within self-care. Self-care is about making a conscious effort to do those things which improve your mental and physical health. This means that self-care should be very personal to you. It should be a conscious decision on the surface to take more care with your eating, workout, and sleeping routine, but it also extends more than that. It can also include hobbies you love, taking time alone to reconnect with yourself, and doing anything that makes you happy, no matter how simple.

Therefore, self-care is different for everyone, so it’s important to explore what makes you happy and understand what your own fitness and diet needs are.

This is what you can do to improve your self-care:

· Have Time Completely to Yourself

Self-care is exactly that: caring for you and you alone. That means it’s time to put all other responsibilities aside to concentrate on yourself, and there’s nothing selfish in that. Even if it’s just for one evening a week, having an allocated set of time where you can be alone, relax in your own environment, lock the door, turn off your notifications, and not have to worry about what others expect of you.

· Try Yoga

Not only does yoga have a wealth of physical health benefits, but it’s also great for the mind and soul. Yoga can help to relax you, help you to reconnect with yourself, and also improve your mood. It’s also a great way to get involved with online or physical classes with other women you may want to try yoga with. To get started with yoga, choose your space, invest in a standard or extra thick yoga mat, choose your workout gear (or naked if that makes you feel more free), get extras such as support blocks and pillows, and choose a session that has a focus on what you need.

· Indulge in Basic Hygiene

It may sound like a simple thing, but particularly when you’re feeling low, personal hygiene can take a backseat. Treating yourself to extra pampering can be a great way to spend an hour or two, like running a bubble bath, buying lotions and moisturizers, bathing your body and hair, and even investing in some extra beauty treats, which make you feel amazing.

· Do One Thing You Enjoy Every Day

As a final tip: fill every day with something you love. This can be anything you like and anything you shouldn’t feel guilty for, no matter how big or small. Make sure that each and every day includes at least one thing which is going to bring you joy and improve your mood. It could be a particular breakfast, your favorite cup of coffee, having a bath with essential oils at the end of every day, or watching an episode of your favorite show.

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