How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Band

With the promise of normalcy coming our way, many are looking forward to restarting up their wedding plans or even making new ones. Wedding days are supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives, and after months of not being able to see family and friends, it would be fair to say that it might just be more exciting than usual for everyone involved.

One of the best parts of the wedding is the reception, where everyone can let their hair down and enjoy themselves with the people they love, and nothing ties that together quite like a wedding band. Since there are so many types of wedding bands and music to choose from, you might wonder where to start, so use this guide to help you pick your dream band!

What Type of Band?

First and foremost, you are going to want to choose a wedding band which reflects your taste in music. This should be something you can really enjoy – bonus points if it resonates with many of your guests too.

This will also probably co-inside with the vibe of your wedding, such as maybe a classical band for elegance or a band that specializes in country music for a rustic theme. Whatever you go for, make sure it is something you are going to want to listen to and get up and dance to!

Talk to Your Wedding Venue

Before you decide that a 28 piece jazz band is for you, make sure your chosen wedding venue can accommodate your choices. It might be that your reception room appears small, but they can make adjustments to fit in your choice. You will also want to know about noise limits or anything other details that will have an impact on your preferences.

Most venues will do whatever they can to make your dream become a reality, but it is best to be upfront with them as soon as you know to avoid disappointment and make arrangements for any workarounds that might be necessary.

Make Sure to Research

While it is difficult at the moment to go and check out live bands for yourself to see how they fair, YouTube and social media such as Facebook should offer some great insight into their sounds, experience, and quality. If you are not sure where to begin looking, this website has everything you need to find your dream wedding band around Cheshire and the UK. You can get a good idea of who you are looking for, what the reviews say, and what the prices are.

Check Your Budget

As with any wedding plan, a budget usually has to be considered, and this will definitely include wedding bands as they are not often a small expenditure! Work out what your budget is and enquire about prices based on the bands you like the most, and go from there. They also might be willing to reasonably negotiate on price if you ask them, but make sure to be fair.

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