How to Help Your Elderly Relatives into Assisted Living

As we grow into our lives as adults, we’re busy juggling careers and raising children. Our responsibilities have quickly multiplied, and life has sped up requiring from us more and more of our time, energy, and resources. But it’s important, in this flurry of activity, not to forget our elderly relatives. It’s these seniors who raised us to the position we’re currently in, and therefore they deserve much of our affection and care. Here’s how you’ll help elderly relatives into assisted living when the time comes for them to make their final move in life.

The Talk

You should always prologue your decision to move your parents to an assisted living complex with a serious conversation about how they see their futures playing out. You should be willing to listen as much as you press your points home – to see how your parents or elderly relatives feel about moving into a place where they’ll enjoy less privacy and autonomy than in their own home. Reactions can be different; some elderly people look upon assisted living as a relief and a safe choice, while others see it as a prison. It’s your job to help persuade them to do the right thing for their health.

Finding a Place

There are thousands of assisted living options for elderly people in your area. You could find a bungalow with built-in features for the elderly like a walk-in shower or emergency buttons in the event of a fall. You might find an elderly home that’s to your parents’ liking or a set of chalets that are regularly visited by a nurse or caregiver. It’s really up to you and your elderly relatives which of these excellent options you choose.


The move itself can be a long and drawn-out affair. Most elderly people aren’t able to pack their things themselves – as it involves a terrific amount of physical activity. Instead, you’re going to have to pack up their things yourself, carefully asking your relatives whether you should throw out, sell, or bring each object you find. If you can enlist the help of the family members, moving elderly relatives out of their home can take a weekend but you’ll need to be organized, patient, and as quick as possible.


Now that your parents are successfully moved into assisted living, you might feel that your work here is done: you can go back to ringing them every so often and making regular visits to see how they’re faring. But the truth is that a big life change like the one your parents have just undergone can leave them feeling depressed and anxious and your presence in their lives in the aftermath of this move will be hugely appreciated. Bring food, photos, memories, games, and loved ones to regularly see them to keep their spirits up after their move to assisted living accommodation.

Use all of the tips provided here to make sure your elderly relatives live comfortably and safely in later life.

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