Best Styling Tips to Rock a Fade Haircut Flawlessly

Incredible Versatility of Fade Haircut Options and Ways to Style Them

The range of men’s hairstyles to pull off these days is rapidly growing. There is nothing wrong with it since every cut is designed to emphasize one’s individuality. However, when it comes to fade cuts, it is safe to say that they conquered the fashion world a while ago and do not seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

While MensHaircuts can teach you all about the trendiest types of popular fade haircut, we decided to talk about something other than the cut versatility. The fact is that you should know how to ask your barber to give you a look you want. What is more, you should be aware of how to look after it too.

What Should You Ask For?

Surely, the easiest way to show the barber what you are looking for is to show the picture with a corresponding cut. However, at times the cut in the photo may not suit your hair type at all. What is more, some cuts are designed to be implemented into separate hairstyles. If the barber asks about your lifestyle and general style preferences, you should be as honest as you can since it will determine how your new haircut will look on you.

The fact is that fade cuts are incredibly versatile, and it will also help if you tell the barber the hair length you are comfortable with. Depending upon your preferences, the barber can decide whether it is high, mid, or low fade is the type that will suit you most.

How Do You Style a Fade?

Let’s assume that the barber succeeds with the look you were looking for, and you leave home happy and satisfied. However, you should remember that the next morning as well as the morning after it – you are going to be left alone with your new cut. Thus, being aware of how to style it well matters too. First things first, it all depends upon the length of the top. The longer is the top – the more options there are to style it differently. Also, it would help if you remembered that long hair is better looking with soft-grip products worked in. At the same time, shorter cuts may require harsher-grip hair products. If you are unaware of what to opt for – ask your barber in advance. Such an approach will save you a lot of trouble and fuss in the future.

How Do You Maintain the Look?

It is not enough to know how to style your fresh fade haircut. You need to know how to maintain it too. What is that supposed to mean? Well, to put it simply – the shorter the cut, the higher the fade is – the more regular touch-ups are to be introduced into the routine. Depending upon your lifestyle, you should take the fact into consideration. Professionals have it that visiting a barber every 2-3 weeks is the best you can do to keep your hair neat and stylish.

Is There the Most Popular Fade?

To tell the truth, such an incredible versatility of fades is due to the fact that every gentleman is looking for something special and unique. Although it is safe to say that a low fade is more popular than other types. The given style is more versatile and utterly timeless. Besides, the range of styling options is almost unlimited.

Textured Crop with a Slick Low Fade

Keeping your look neat and elegant while leaving some length on top to play around with is possible. All that you need is a low fade combined with a well-textured crop to it. To maintain that after-salon look, just work some hair mousse in, and you are ready to go!

Slicked Back Pompadour with Mid Fade

There is a range of reasons why a pompadour has been so required through the ages. No matter the century outside, there is always increased interest in well-tended and masculine looking gents, don’t you think? The combo of a slicked-back pompadour and mid fad can easily grant you the vibe you seek.

Modern and Stylish High Fade Quiff

No one says that keeping up with the trend is out of the question. The best way to achieve the goal is to implement a trendy textured quiff into your style and spice it up with an elegant high fade!

Source: MensHaircuts

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