Acne Scars: Home Care VS Professional Care

Some kinds of acne can be treated at home with products you buy over the counter or off the shelf. Even some home remedies can work well to treat acne in a variety of ways, reducing the presence of pustules and nodules and giving your skin that clear, clean look that you crave.

Acne scars are an entirely different problem, though. This is the next stage of acne issues, and they can be very tough to deal with. Are they too tough for at-home care to handle, though? Should you consider going to a professional to have acne scars removed? We’re going to look at these questions and get you some answers so that you know how to handle acne scars when they appear.

Treating Acne Scars at Home

A lot of people are hesitant to get medical help for their acne. They may figure that their acne isn’t bad enough that they need to go that extra step to handle it.

They may not want to deal with the expense of going to a professional. Sometimes, just the cost of treatment is enough to dissuade people from seeking out professional help for their acne and acne scars.

These kinds of reasons for treating acne scars at home is understandable. So what happens when you try to treat the scars on your own?

The answer is that you probably won’t get far with acne scar treatments yourself. These are often permanent unless they are treated professionally. You can try whitening and brightening creams and scar remove creams to treat the affected areas. You may slightly reduce the look of the scars and make them not quite as obvious, but you are not going to get rid of them this way.

Acne scars tend to be permanent, fading on their own over time but still apparent if you know where to look. If you don’t want to be left with acne scars for the rest of your life, then you should consult a professional.

Treating Acne Scars Professionally

Acne scars are caused by changes in the tissue of the skin. Treating it on the surface doesn’t do much to change the scarring. You may minimize the look of the scars temporarily, but permanent change will take some hard work.

Here at Veritas, acne scars are treated using one of several different methods. Some patients are treated using subcision, where others can benefit from laser removal treatment. In some cases, both methods may need to be used. The specialists will determine what the best plan of action is for each client.

Both methods have an extensive track record of success. The clinic has treated numerous patients with acne scars and helped them to get rid of those scars completely.

Anyone thinking about having their acne scars treated, though, should know that not all scars can be removed. If the client waited too long to have their scars treated, they may be permanent. A treatment option can help to minimize the appearance of scars but might not completely remove the scar tissue.

During the initial consultation with an acne scar removal specialist, the clients will be informed about their options and the likelihood of having the scar removed.

The earlier someone goes to have their scars removed, the more likely the operation is to be successful.

Professional treatment is essential when it comes to acne scar removal. At-home care simply won’t be enough to get rid of the scars. You can treat conventional acne on your own, but when it comes to scars, you will want to leave that to the professionals.

You won’t have to worry about lengthy downtime following the procedure, though. You maybe worried that you won’t be able to return to work or that you will be in a lot of pain following the procedure. That’s not true, though. Most people recover quickly from the procedure. They may have some redness and their skin may be painful to the touch, but they can get right back to work following acne scar removal. You can find out more about this procedure and the methods used here:

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