4 Ways to Honor Someone’s Memory

Losing someone you care for is one of the most difficult things to have to go through. Grief can be all-consuming and sometimes it can feel as though you’ll never heal. However, there are things you can do to help you move past your grief. One of those things is doing something to honor the memory of the loved one you lost. Whether it’s a friend or relative, doing something to help keep their legacy alive can be a very consoling thing to do, and here are some ways you can do it.

1. Make a Donation

If there was a charity or another organization that was important to your friend or relative during their life, making a donation in their name is a great way to honor their memory. If you wanted to do more than that, perhaps organizing a fundraising event or starting a charity organization in their name could be a better option? Of course, this will depend on your lifestyle and the kind of commitment you could make to it, but these are all positive ways to continue a person’s legacy and keep their passion for helping others alive.

2. A Plaque or Bench

One of the most traditional ways people honor the dead is by having a plaque or bench placed in a spot that meant a lot to them. If your loved one enjoyed spending time in their local park, or loved to spend time at the beach, having a memorial plaque placed in these locations is a fitting way to say goodbye and celebrate their life with others. Memorial gardens are also an option if you and some friends want to take on a bigger project. Just make sure you get the right permits for doing these things first to avoid getting in trouble with the local authorities.

3. Memory Blanket

For something more intimate that you can keep at home, having a memory blanket created would be a lovely way to commemorate someone. Companies like myt-shirtblanket.com create quilts from old t-shirts, and you could use the clothing left behind by your friend or relative to create one. Alternatively, you could create something else out of a treasured item left behind in their belongings to keep with you at home.

4. Plant a Tree

Another popular choice with people who are trying to honor the dead is by planting a tree in their name. Again, you will have to ask your local authority about getting a permit to do this if you want to do it in a public park, or you can make a donation to have this done in a national park if you would prefer. This is an ideal thing to do if the deceased was passionate about nature and looking after the environment.

It might take time to go through the grieving process, but doing things like this to help honor your loved one’s memory can be a cathartic step to get you through this difficult time. Let the world know they were here and celebrate their life with one of these memorial ideas.

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