Truth About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

DSS Law Firm Reveals the Truth About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movements have come together to highlight harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment has hit the headlines leading to major cases against powerful figures. DSS Law has stepped in to reveal the truth about sexual harassment in the workplace.

This New Jersey law firm highlights the fact that harassment lawsuits have risen by 50% in 2018. Victims are more willing to speak up. That means companies need to take steps to better protect female employees.

Big Cases Highlight Serious Problems

The Harvey Weinstein case on harassment put the spotlight firmly on sexual harassment in the workplace. The successful case against the former mogul has encouraged women to speak out and pursue justice.

DSS Law says they expect to see the number of cases increasing as sexual harassment remains widespread. In the past, women were usually too scared to speak out and accepted the culture because they didn’t believe lodging complaints would accomplish anything.

Experts say toxic workplace culture in America is rampant. Organizations like Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. hope that successful harassment cases will challenge a long-held culture.

The Risks of Not Taking Sexual Harassment Seriously

The consequences of companies that fail to take sexual harassment seriously are profound. It’s not just an internal issue any longer.

People are willing to speak out on social media, which can ruin a business’s reputation. They’re willing to speak to other women and go to the newspapers. Furthermore, courts are taking these cases seriously and imposing large financial penalties on organizations that don’t fight back against sexual harassment.

The risks are high and the resulting penalties can bring a business to its knees. From a business standpoint, sexual harassment must be taken seriously.

What’s the Biggest Reason Why Sexual Harassment Lawsuits are More Prevalent?

DSS Law explains that sexual harassment lawsuits have become more common than ever not because of the increase in offenses but because women have become encouraged to speak about their experiences.

In the past, companies could usually ignore complaints or retaliate against complaints. The risk of not being believed and not wanting to ‘rock the boat’ are all reasons why women didn’t lodge complaints in the past.

But that is changing and businesses of all sizes must confront this problem and take it seriously.

What Can Companies Do to Prevent Sexual Harassment Cases?

For most companies, it isn’t necessary to initiate large changes. It’s simply a matter of listening and taking complaints seriously.

Every company should have a workplace complaint process that all employees are aware of. You may not have a separate human resources department, but you don’t need one to take sexual harassment seriously.

Complaints should be taken seriously and, if possible, complaints should be processed privately and anonymously.

You should work with both parties and listen to them both. Ultimately, you also shouldn’t be afraid to fire a worker who sexually harassed another. Acting decisively and fairly will keep your female employees safe and keep morale high.

Companies should take recent events as a warning sign. No matter how small or large the company, employers need to act or it could cost them everything.

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