Our Top Save-the-Date Tips

When you plan a wedding, there will be a long to-do list of things you need to organize. There is the venue, food, drinks, music, jewelry, and the dress to consider. While these are all important, being surrounded by family and friends will make your wedding day extra special.

One way to get your guests excited about your wedding is with save-the-date cards. You can send these notifications about your big day after you have confirmed the location and date.

To get you started, here are our top tips for sending out save-the-date cards:

Give Your Guests Notice

The save-the-date is different from the invitation. This is sent well in advance to give those you care about time to plan and organize their attendance at your wedding. Guests will need time to find babysitters and schedule time off work, as well as book flights and accommodations. If your wedding will fall during the busy holiday season, giving your guests advanced notice may help your friends modify any other travel plans.

While there are no set rules, if you’re hosting a destination wedding, a save-the-date sent well in advance is especially important. If it is a local event, four to six months’ notice is generally enough time for guests to manage their commitments.

Keep it Personal, and Send it in the Mail

Sending a save-the-date via mail with a handwritten address will give it a personal touch. While electronic messages are convenient, it can be beneficial for your guests to have something physical to put on the fridge.

Plus, there will likely be people you care about such as grandparents or parents who don’t feel confident using technology. If this is the case, they will certainly appreciate having a printed reminder.

Keep All Wedding Correspondence in Theme

Your save-the-date will give your guests the first impression of your upcoming wedding. You can personalize a professional and sophisticated save the date card design online from Minted.com.

If you have decided on a theme, this can be reflected in the colors and graphics used on the cards. For example, a beach wedding could use blue and beige, or a glamorous wedding could utilize white and silver. When creating your invitations, you can take inspiration from these cards and design something similar.

Easily modify these cards with little to no design experience and even add a photo of you with your partner to complete the look!

The Information You Should Include

Your save-the-date card should have a few key details. While you don’t need to be too specific with times or the dress code, the purpose of this card is to inform them about the date and venue.

Include the full names of the couple, the date, and venue. A message such as “formal invitation to follow” is generally added to the text. If your venue is out of town, we recommend including options for accommodations. You may even be able to get a discount for your guests if you call the hotel directly and advise them it will be a group booking.

The Last Word

Use your creativity and design a save-the-date card that reflects the look and feel of your wedding. To give your guests the chance to attend your event, sending a notice well in advance will give them time to plan and organize their busy schedules.

A save-the-date sent in the mail will give it a personalized touch and act as a memento for those who want to a keepsake in the lead up to your big day.

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