Why Boosting Women’s Role in Society is Important

Over half of the world’s population is women but sad to say we don’t have equal opportunities and resources as men. This is even though women have an important role in society. Without women, the world will not flourish and yet improving their lives is not a concern for many.

Women Are the Pillars of Society

If there is anything that can usher development better, it is the education and empowerment of women. Women wear many hats, and each is critical for personal and societal growth. She brings warmth, job, compassion, and love not only to her partner but everyone within her circle.

As a wife, she fills in any gap in the family with warmth. As a mother, it is she who brings a new person into life by giving birth. As head of the family, she is fiercely protective and does whatever she can to provide for her children’s needs.

She is a doer and when given something, she makes it even better than before. It stands to say that she is a pillar of the family and society. Without her guidance and support, we would have crumbled into dust a long time ago.

Women’s Many Liberties in the Modern World

Today, we have earned many liberties than we ever had before. We have more freedom to do whatever we want to be and be whoever we want to be. Women have never had this degree of freedom before. But the fact is that it has its own challenges that we’ve yet to overcome.

Instead of the mold that restricts women before, modern society placed a new set of expectations that keep them shackled. Not long ago, women are looked down and considered inferior to men. Our only roles are to be an abiding wife, good cook, attentive mother and nothing else.

We weren’t expected to vote, to voice our own opinion and to help support the household. We weren’t allowed to take the lead in the economy, science, business, and any other important positions in society. It is great that over the last century, many significant changes have happened.

Most of the world now realized how important women are. There are still gaps – increasing maternal mortality rate, lack of health care for women, domestic violence, and women suicide – but the feminist movement is doing their best to fill it in.

Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

Around the world, girls are educated, and women are empowered. We learn to follow our dreams, to have ambitions, and to aspire to become someone. Governments and private organizations are slowly raising the quality of health care for women to decrease maternal mortality and suicide.

Daughters and nieces are gradually brought up not as tools to bring up children, but as full members of society – as future leaders. But the most important is to let women have the freedom to choose – whether to be a caretaker of the home or a leader of the world.

Without women’s participation, the society’s development will be slower. It means we – both men and women – are less likely to succeed. Would it not benefit all of us if both men and women help each other in making the positive changes the world needs? If you support women empowerment, let’s start by raising awareness of the state of women’s health through the following infographic.

Thanks to Lianna Arakelyan

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