Unconventional but Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a special day particularly dedicated for moms and grandmothers. But most of us have a really hard time pondering on what are those perfect Mother’s Day gifts to buy for our dearly beloved mothers.

A lot of mothers have remarked that the gifts they usually receive during Mother’s Day seem a little less connected with the relationship that they have with their children. What really causes them feel appreciated and loved are the unexpected instances whereby uncoaxed and unrehearsed personal affection bursts out.

Many moms have commented that what they would have really absolutely love as a Mother’s Day gift would be a day off – an off with their duties as a wife, mom, or an employee. All they would like is peace and quiet. There are always the kids and/or the husband hovering around – this is particularly true for stay-at-home moms. It seems that everybody wants something all the time. There seems to be way so much to do with so little time and that it had to be done the day prior. So when mothers try to take a time off for themselves, they tend to feel guilty and ashamed about it.

So, one of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can give to your mom is a hearty breakfast in bed – and then to just let them leave the house. Let your mother do whatever she wants. Make it very clear that she should not be doing anything around the house or anything that is work-related. She must do the things which are intended for herself only (going to the salon, shopping for a new wardrobe, etc.). And towards to the end of the day, there should be no long faces or any feeling of guilt. Most certainly, it would be such a great day for the mom.

However, if you would like to give something memorable for your mother or grandmother, then below are some unique ideas to replace the usual Mother’s Day gifts:

1. Give a book instead of just a card.

You can probably spend a few bucks on a hallmark card which would be later on discarded into the trash. Books, however, are long lasting. It would be ideal to give out those books which are beautifully illustrated and are packed with emotions. Go for something that has a timeless message or a heartwarming story of love and relationship throughout generations. These books would definitely make a significant Mother’s Day gift.

2. Give a memory jar to reminisce beautiful memories.

Write out in small pieces of paper some of your fond memories that you have with your mom or grandma. Include all those moments that you have done something together, favorite family activities, things that she did or had said that has a great impact for you, the best piece of advice she gave you. Fold them up and put them in your memory jar so that she can easily read them anytime she wants. In a troubled relationship, a memory note can also initiate a conversation. People are most often astounded by the best memories that you have of them. You will surely be amazed at just how much it would mean to your mom or grandma for you to share about the best memories that you have with them.

3. Give a personally scented perfume that elicit memories.

Research has found that one of the most powerful things to elicit memories would be the sense of smell. For instance, if you have shared an unforgettable outdoor moment, give your mom a

woodsy scent or a potpourri scented perfume. You can attach a small note that can start out with, “This scent remind me of…”

4. Give a photo bouquet instead of flowers.

You can ditch giving flowers that easily wither with a photo bouquet. Gather pictures of your mother or grandmother, particularly those that the two of you are together from your childhood. You can make use of picture duplicates to make a picture collage. Alternatively, you can glue two copies of the same picture back-to-back so that the picture can be seen from both sides. You could also make use of colorful construction papers to create flower shapes and add the pictures to the centers of the pseudo-flowers. Clip the pictures to the plastic sticks which are usually used to hold a card for a floral arrangement. Place the plastic sticks at differing heights and angles. Lastly, finish with a ribbon or some added fresh flowers.

5. Have some at-home kitchen time instead of eating out.

Usually, the room wherein we have the most memories is in the kitchen. It is this room wherein we can relax, talk with each other and learn new things. At the present, your mom or grandma may be too old for cooking as much as she used to do so it would be the best time to have a reversal of roles. You can cook a special meal for her which could be the one that she usually cooked for you before. You might even get some advices and tips while you are cooking. Your cooked meal will definitely bring back fond memories for both of you.

6. You can recycle your old stuff instead of buying new ones.

You can search through your dressers, closets, the attic or the basement for some old mementoes. It might be your mom’s fancy dress, her fashion earring, or an old amusement park ticket. You can talk about the memories behind these stuff with your mother or grandma which can evoke euphoric feeling for both of you.

You must be creative enough and always think outside the box when deciding on what to give your beloved mom or grandma during Mother’s Day. The price of the gift would not really matter for your mom. What would matter most to them is that you remember them, particularly on this special day, and that they will feel loved and truly appreciated for all the sacrifices that they have done for you and your whole family.

Thanks to Lucy Hale

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