3 Tips for Making Your Home More Manageable

As a hardworking person, keeping your home under control can sometimes seem almost impossible. Between working, looking after children, keeping on top of chores and juggling other responsibilities while still trying to find some time for yourself, it can seem impossible to find a moment to tidy your house. Knowing that your home is getting into a state of disorder but not having enough time to get on top of it can become incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re someone who appreciates order and organization. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your home feel a little more manageable, then here are three simple tips that you might find useful.

Declutter and Minimalize Your Belongings

The more stuff that you own, the easier it is for your house to appear cluttered, and if you’re struggling to manage your belongings, it is more than possible that you own too much stuff. It is nearly impossible to keep up with tidying and organization if your house just can’t contain all of the items that you own, so in these instances decluttering and filtering your belongings is normally the best way to go.

While decluttering can seem like a difficult task, the easiest way to go about it is often to start with the simplest and most obvious items. For example, if there are things around the house that always look out of place, ask yourself if you really need them; or, if you’re trying to find something to wear in your closet, and you notice items of clothing that you haven’t worn in years, you could instantly remove them from the wardrobe and start creating a bag of clothes that you intend to rehome.

Redesign Your Aesthetic

A room that appears cramped often comes across as messy even when it is relatively tidy. Therefore, if you want to make a space appear more open and organized, it is important to consider the aesthetics of the room and use some design hacks to make the space appear larger. For example, by using antique mirror glass to create a feature wall, not only will you have a design element that draws the eye, making the room appear larger, but you will also have the added benefit of the mirrors reflecting light and space, which will trick the eye into making the room appear larger.

Decide What Manageable Means to You

In order to make your home more convenient for you, one crucial step you must take is to decide what you consider manageable to be. For some, taking thirty minutes out of your day to do a quick tidy is easily done, whereas others struggle to find even five minutes to do the dishes. So, if you want to find a way to get your house to start working with you rather than against you, you first need to determine what outcome it is you are hoping to achieve, and then decide on a reasonable schedule for cleaning and organizing your home each week.

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