Organizing Your First VIP Party

Featuring a famous name at an event can be beneficial for various reasons: you can increase brand recognition, boost event attendance, and more. This can be a heavy undertaking, however, as you need to pay special attention to the safety, comfort, and well being of both your VIP and your attendees. Similarly, the guest list will often include people of particular power and influence.

Hence, organizing a VIP party can be considered a daunting task, and below are the steps you should take to make your event as seamless as possible.

Check for Exit and Entrance Routes

How would your VIPs like to enter? Do they want to slip in through the back door, or would they rather make a grand red carpet entrance? Regardless of what they choose, it is imperative that an event manager plans a route that includes safety measures to protect unauthorized access. You should plan every route your VIP will take, especially considering how they can get to and from the pick-up/drop-off point, the restroom, the stage and green room (if presenting or performing), and any other access points. Plan where signs should be placed to restrict access and where you should put security personnel. Finally, make a backup plan for your entrance and exit to ensure smooth proceedings if any problems arise.

Also, figure out their transportation to and from the venue. Determine where your VIP is staying, how far it is from the event venue, and how they would prefer to travel. A common choice for transportation would be a Limo Rental; many VIPs use limousines because they are large enough to carry their entire team, provide enough protection to safely and privately get to the venue, and offer many other amenities.

Coordinate Sufficient Security

Some VIPs travel with their own entourage of security. Others, however, often rely on event staff to organize their protection services. You should reach out to your VIP’s manager to determine the number and type of security personnel that they would like to provide. You should additionally inquire about the security they will bring alongside them. You will need sufficient staff to ensure that your VIP can get to and from each location with comfort and ease.

Set a Protocol for Handling a Disturbance

Hosting a high-profile person carries its risks. While most VIP events run smoothly, it is always advised to plan for a disturbance should one occur.

There is a suggested three-tier protocol system to handle disruptions without escalating things beyond necessity:

1 – Security personnel approach the disruptive component and privately request they cease action.
2 – Security personnel approach the speaking platform and request the disruptive component vacate the premises
3 – If the disturbance continues, security personnel may physically remove the disruptive component

Plan a Time for Guests to meet your VIP

Every VIP event needs a meet-and-greet and photo opportunity for at least its most important guests. Pick a location in the venue that is comfortable, secure, and separate from the general audience. If you decide to make this part of the event private, pre-screen each guest you plan to invent to ensure that they pose no threat to your VIP. Procedure for background screening is variant, so it is best to determine your protocol with your VIP’s input. Provide attendees with some form of an access pass and require it be displayed in order to gain admission.

Tell Local Law Enforcement

You should always notify the local police about any planned VIP appearances. Not only will they keep you up-to-date on any potential threats at the time, but they can also help you to identify any local person or group that might pose a danger. They can also aid crowd control if necessary.

Last, but certainly not least, you MUST maintain open and clear communication with the VIP’s team. These are people that work closely with your VIP and are well-versed in their needs and preferences. Thoroughly review plans with these people to align expectations and ensure an enjoyable event for both your VIP and attendees.

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